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Can’t wait to be King~


Two weeks Lion King is in theaters for 3D as well as in 2D for the non-3D watchers. Well… we opted for the 3D~ Why? Well I’ve already seen it in 2D.. mind as well see it in 3D to make it a bit different.

I haven’t watched Lion King enough to remember most of the scenes so while watching this movie it actually felt like watching a new movie! I… I teared up >.> It still gets to me!! The sad scenes… T.T

Isn’t that kind of weird? 5:05 showing… I thought it was interesting.. lol!

This was a few days ago… I didn’t have any time today. Wanna know why? I was busy singing the “lazy song”!! xDDD Okay only for a few hours. I spent about 3… maybe 4 hours on sims 3? >.>;; Yesterday I just felt so overwhelmed with things I have to do I think.. I shut down. I couldn’t do anything!! So I played games for my afternoon!! It felt GOOD~ Then I went to the office and did a few hours of working on the site (ITS UP!! Forms don’t work -.-) And homework items =33 It’s almost 9 and.. with all the junk food and tea I’ve had, I’m still going strong~~~

I also seem to be getting some random comments now and then… I find that interesting. Not like my life is interesting.. but it gives me hope that some of the pictures and ideas might be xDD

So toodles~


A New Scent~


Believe it? I got a new scent!! Why? Cause it was really cheap >.> My brother got a $55 one that… somehow we were able to bargain to get his and this one for $50 o.o I’m not even sure how that happened but.. oh well!! It’s like I got it for free.. and it was either LOVE or LUST from this collection. I picked the pink one just because.. if you can’t tell.. I’m biased~
But it smells good… I like it. Not LOVE it like what I used to put on.. but its nice for those days I feel like.. smelling. Lol!!

I had one of those .. nap days. I woke up…took a nap. Then went on my comp for a bit.. then took another nap while waiting. And then after dinner I took.. another nap… but that last nap was because of my tooth ache. Yes. Toothache. It hurts like a bish and I can’t wait to get it done. I’m practically begging for it at this point.

Site one step closer to being done =3


Restaurant Bringing Memories


Shaved snow day =3

Gee took me to a really yummy Shaved Snow place (Yes snow, not ice). It’s called Class 302! See the desk in the picture? It’s like.. an actual desk!! lol! Very small and cramped place.. but the shaved snow was amazzzinng. Why? Cause of the texture… the condensed milk made it awesome too. And the best part? Watching Lion King in 3D right after!!! Someone went absolutely crazy on that.. but it was a really fun movie to watch =3

I have a really gross bug bite too… T.T It’s really sad…. and bothersome. I hope it goes away soon. Comon body… work against it!!
Anyhow. I want to go back to get more shaved snow =3 The green tea one looks SO YUMMY. While sitting there I saw them come out with about 5 shaved snows? Crazy… absolutely crazy. But I can’t decide if its better than the shaved ice at mochilato’s… but if those two merged it would be godsend… LOL~

Okay.. I’m done spazzing~ I also got to eat some rawr tea pieces at Teavana and Gee got some rare blend..  I REALLY want the tea from there.. and the cup.. I’ll get it!! probably… hmm.. im thinking next week? =3

I also bought some clothes >.> woo gym clothes!!


Asian ads… :D


I haven’t said HI! In a long time xD so here’s a Hi~~

Today is just one of those day… even with 7-8ish hours of sleep.. it’s just not enough to function throughout the whole day xD Almost fell asleep in class. But I didnt!! Know why? Well in marketing we were learning about global marketing and the prof showed us some really funny (and long) ads.. lets see if I can find one.. OKay here!!

Shampoo ad – made me laugh when it played. Like… who even thinks of this?! and not like theres much there for the guy to touch..

Musical… ad? Noope!! – This one is long but its a.. story. You go WTH?! At the end lol!! I like it though.. its like a mini drama~

Persistant Skin Cream ad – Aha… this was was seriously funny. Me and my friend laughed throughout it xDD

Yea.. this is what I do in class. No.. this is what im forced to watch in class. That and The MAtrix and now (for the past hour or so) I’ve been watched Full Metal Jacket. Yea… not the most exciting movie btw. That’s why I’m writing this while ‘watching’

Oh and guess what? New flats gave me blisters =3 good thing I have bandaids on me lol!!


Nap time now

Test day complete =3
Had a ramen craving… it was nice.

I love how hunny is so cute when taking a nap noww.. makes me want to be in a cute position to take a nap. Lol!! But I dont think it works the same way… Which btw, a nap doesnt sound too bad after today…

Friends… Wednesdays are always entertaining cause its the one day a week I actually plan to hang out with some really fun friends. It’s just… really entertaining. I know why HS was kinda boring.. everyone took the same things and it didn’t really go beyond that scope. Now? Every major is fascinating if the person in it genuinely likes it.

Tomorrow I have a feeling it’ll suck. At this point I’m doing a group project by myself, it’s sad but… at this point? I’ll rather do it than worry about it not being done. I’ll put some things off.. this is bad. I can’t keep putting it off.