Archive | September 18, 2011

Flocking to water

Not only do I want to watch Lion King in 3D… my brother had to think of this nice though: we’re still like animals that migrate to the water hole xD

Internet in my house is currently dead and the only place with internet is either from the phone (which won’t even let me load youtube videos or skype) and the office. Now to get to the office I have to travel… and it takes up time and gas T.T Anyhow… I actually went today!! I also had to bring my cousin who.. just came for the internet. Granted.. who knew she didn’t have as much as I needed to do… >.> Middle school days…ah.

So the office was full because it had internet. The internet… it’s like water xD

That’s what I did today. That and a whole bunch of homework and unhealthy foooods… >.> oh! And Jasmine Tea which I ran out of and need to go buy moorreee!!! But uhhh… yea.

The police pulled someone over and they just happened to pull over at the side of our house. It was really fun to watch that from the window xD Police people.. you scare me but at the same time your… needed.

oh hey look… another cosplayer!!
And wow that reminds me… I need to start on my next project T.T Monnieeessss where are youuuuuu!!!