Archive | September 2, 2011

Pie = pizza?


Tried a new food place today… I wish I had a better camera to take cooler shots with but.. I don’t. xD So it’s Pie-ology. It’s a… pizza making place! The Chipotle of pizza making as they are known for~ It was …decent. I actually like Chipotle more.. heck. It was 6.50? For a pizza that you could customize all you want. but… It was so… >.> Not that great. Like it tasted good but it wasn’t like.. “omgsh we have to come back” I’d rather increase my price to $10 and go to Costco to get the large combo pizzaa!!! (Plus $1.50 for free refills of rasberry iced tea~) Yea… now thats good. Oh here’s my pizza lookin thing. I shared it with Gee~


It’s mainly the normal with mushrooms, pinapple and chicken. On my half is … some green stuff (cant spell it) and some bacon. He put basil… >.> Whatever. xD Oh well.

What else… went shopping. Didn’t get much done there… really funny though xD Had some Jamba Juice.. White gummy bear!!!! <3  A very..interesting day though. Gas prices are jumping up so much I saw it go from 3.79 to 3.85 in the few hours I was at school -.- That sucked. Ugh gas. Jerk of a thing. >.> Can I get an electric car?