Archive | September 17, 2011

Average: 9



This was a really short movie. About an hour 15 minutes? My rating of the movie? Maybe.. average….? I was doing math homework while watching it but I thought it was a decent story line. The visual is pretty interesting but not up to my “cute” standard. I think if they established some parts of it more it would be a good movie… their concept is good but execution needed some work. I don’t really recommend to watch this movie because its good but watch it if your bored? xD

Today was… oh I’ll probably have to fit it into another post.
But today I got two subject worth of homework done. That was crazy hard to do. Few hours doing stats and another few for women studies. It’s… so harsh to do this but it’s my fault I didn’t do it earlier.

I went to the mall today for a break though. I bought new flats!! Originally $30 I bought it for $9. They are really nice on the inside too!! I also got a scent? That will be for a new post but I swear I lost some of my smelling powers… Lol!!!

Time to live off crappy internet.. this sucks. completely sucks T.T
Apparently today I went on a rampage with words. Its… crazy. If you don’t want to get bitten, don’t talk to me for a week.