Archive | September 14, 2011

On the go~

Okay my school days are becoming so busy I actually FORGOT completely to update yesterday. And normally I would make one but.. you know what? Naw… since it didn’t even cross my mind I’ll leave yesterday blank.

But you know what it’s like.. just… all the things you have to keep in mind the routines that you do so often tend to slip out. Kinda like how someone today forgot to turn on his lights xDD

Oh the song is Kara’s Step~ It’s a really addicting song for me.. I have no idea why… that and I was like full out lungs singing Mr. Taxi on the way home.. oh and as well as N’Sync’s tearin’ up my Heart. Why? I have.. no idea. I was just in the singing mood xD I think it’s cause wed’s are usually fun cause I get to hang out with some pretty interesting friends… That was fun. I now have to go to the zoo though…. >.>;; Or learn locations lol~~~

OH dentist appointment too!! Im… slightly scared cause theyre viet but im excited … lol!!