Archive | September 21, 2011

Nap time now

Test day complete =3
Had a ramen craving… it was nice.

I love how hunny is so cute when taking a nap noww.. makes me want to be in a cute position to take a nap. Lol!! But I dont think it works the same way… Which btw, a nap doesnt sound too bad after today…

Friends… Wednesdays are always entertaining cause its the one day a week I actually plan to hang out with some really fun friends. It’s just… really entertaining. I know why HS was kinda boring.. everyone took the same things and it didn’t really go beyond that scope. Now? Every major is fascinating if the person in it genuinely likes it.

Tomorrow I have a feeling it’ll suck. At this point I’m doing a group project by myself, it’s sad but… at this point? I’ll rather do it than worry about it not being done. I’ll put some things off.. this is bad. I can’t keep putting it off.