Archive | September 20, 2011

It’s.. SUPER!


That’s why the … large boba is called at the place near school. Its.. massive.. if you can’t tell from the picture above xD  I got it.. Monday and its Tuesday night and I’m still not done with it.. I’m just gonna throw out the little bit I have left. Its way too much for me..

Today was something.. Class was boring. Didn’t get to turn in my paper … oh well its not even due yet Lol!! It’s getting really hard to be forced to work with other people. I almsot got caught up on anime (yea thats what I decided to do instead of studying for the 2 tests tomorrow).

Err.. well I have 2 tests tomorrow.
future note to myself: No more super cups.. spring for the green tea at starbucks!! Cheaper and more =3