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The camera transitions in this so soooo…. smooothh~~ Oh and the Yuri hair flip and dancing is really nice~ Song get catchy once you play it like.. twice. Not really a song you play to sing along to.. more like one thats playing in some club xD Its nice cause it was -kinda- released on my bday~~ So that’s always nice =3


As for my birthday it was an eventful day. I didn’t think I’d be out of the house that much but at the same kinda I’m kinda glad I didn’t spend it like any other day. Which is usually my goal for birthdays is to do something different! :D So I went shopping… like had money to ACTUALLY shop and couldn’t find crap QQ Well here and there but nothing really wow-ed me. Then went home to talk to Gee a bit =3 We went to the pier where I got to pick an oyster and behold! Two pretty pearls in one =3 And it was free… so it was awesome~~ I want earrings made out of them ^^ They also have a slight pink tint to them which is soo adorable!! Afterwards I picked up my own cake (lol!! my family is so scared of disappointing me with the “wrong” cake) And ate cake at home.. then Janice came over and took me out for some snack/dinner/drinks! It was entertaining and slightly tiring since by that time my throat was not getting any better.

Oh right. I’m also sick QQ I dunno how I got it or what it is but it sucks.

In the end it was quite different and other than the fact I couldn’t find things to buy it was… nice. My actual birthday celebration day which im really really looking forward to is next week! Cause I won’t be able to fully celebrate my birthday until after tax season~ XDD

Anyways. Good times! Tiff was nice enough to give me a present~  My brother got me a little figurine though and its ADORABLE :D It’s weird getting presents though so pls.. stop xD >.>




My new background on my phone =3 oh so cute!! This is just reminding me to pick up some black fabric and make this dang dress *-* Anyways… Sica and the girls are awesome =3 I also love Yuri’s sultry look she’s giving xD Have you seen the shoes?! I definitely need to wear a pair like that to some dinner xP

Now to stop spazzing about the girls…. I had a LOT of work time today T.T It was so sad cause I was actually quite busy. Which in all honesty is good since that equals clients/money but… I was really looking forward to just working on cosplay planning and sketching! But I had maybe 10 or 15 minutes between clients today in which I had to spend getting the stuff ready for tomorrow’s event. Which I’m not even going to =.= But no one prepared for it so I just did it…. ugh. I think they undervalue my work in the office. I barely had time to eat so I ended up having dinner around.. 9pm. And you can see the time stamp on my phone is 11:40 and I snapped that when I got home and on the comp o.o
Seriously a tiring day but.. .eh. I can’t complain. Just sleep early and have coffee tomorrow xDD

I got kinda annoyed from the lack of stuff my brother has been doing….. cause I only stayed late cause I had so much on my plate and then some from the incompetence of some peoples. eh whatever. I lived through it and finished my work~ =3 Trying to stay positive about it lol

My sewing machine is still having problems… it’s sad T.T I can’t do my other work so I’m stuck doing actual work T.T AHHH THE SADNESS!!

positive thoughts. comon. posttive thoughtsss!!!




I know this post is technically late as this MV and song has been out for a few days now… but honestly I think it’s because I’ve just trying to hog all 9 girls to myself XP (plus Sica makes a lot of appearances in it! WO!) So this is the MV for Mr. Mr. which is on SNSD’s new CD~ I’m loving their songs to the max but honestly it’s the SNSD effect T.T They’re just so wonderful T.T(slightly biased)

But on another note I’m also part Blackjack so I also have been liking 2ne1’s new album as well. I love the spunkyness and it’s really great music to listen to when I’m annoyed xD So check out their album as well =3

Back to the video! I was slightly confused at first and dissapointed cause of how the video was done but… I think it’s cause there is a lack of dynamic storytelling and less dancing as well. But the video has a cool theme to it, I love the pink lab coats and I definitely want to make the black/white dresses shown at the end =3 It’s sooooo adorable and I might as well make it for the heck of it!

Can I just say how genius it was to write MrMr in a heartbeat kinda way? very creative~
Which also brings me to the sketches me and Gee have been trying to do everyday. I think I hit a road block so… I dunno how well I can do today’s sketch T.T


My Oh My

Because not talking about this would be a crime xP

The new GG song!! =3 It’s actually really super cute I like it ^^ And it gets catchy =3 It’s cute and sassy…. the sound and look!

But other than that… today was a study/friends/errands day which was nice. I was really stressed out this morning and last night just from all that is happening… I don’t like it >.>;; So it’s been kind of hard to concentrate as much as I’d like. My next test is SUPER soon so you won’t see any cosplay updates from me for… well the rest of the week. And hopefully I’ll get a short break and I can do some quick cosplay work! (and some pokemon playing cause my brother just bought X for me for $18 o.o walmart made a pricing error but we were still able to get it!! =3)

So I’ll let this soak in… Just had to share =3


Back to Sica~

Back to Sica~

So I thought since I haven’t posted about Jessica (from SNSD) for awhile I thought I would. I love her new bangs, I’ve been seeing it done more. It’s really cute on her =3

Been busy all day. Even had to take some time out for myself on the couch with a glass of wine. It was awesome.