Shoooe unfitting


Recently I bought new flats! Why? They were on sale… lol!!!
They’re… interesting. The one on the left is the old one that is so dead T.T but so comfy! but not… like.. it makes my feet too flat so it hurts my foot and theres too much pressure I’m not used to on the heels on my foot. So these news ones a better cause 1. they’re harder and softer insidea. 2. they were $30 and I bought then for $9!! Lol!!

I hate how you have to kinda.. ‘work in’ shoes. Like they fit me but for some reason one part of my feet stick out? Like the bone seems to be outwardly more…  So for me it hurts when wearing new shoes… I hope its not just me I mean cause…. everyone has different shaped feet! And there are sizes to help but.. its just a average… so there will always be the oddballs one way or another >.<

Oh great news!! FINALLY GOT INTERNET at home~ I’m really excited =3 Mostly because I can finally do fb and anime watching out of prying eyes >.>

Time to get some stuff done.. like this resume!!!



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