Archive | September 7, 2011

Mini Tentacles~


A Kimikotan Creation~
Presenting: Ninja Pentapus!!

I finished these little creations awhile ago but I’m currently testing how they hold up and people’s reactions. I seriously love these little things!! <3 Cute huh? I’m actually planning on making more to sell… the bottom is what makes it so cute!! But you’ll have to wait to see them.. I’m working on getting some tough sealers so the paint won’t chip off at allll~

Did you get why they are call pentapus? xD

So today was extremely hot. Like. Omgsh *melts*
I felt my feet burning cause the only black I wore was my shoes.. yea.. mistake. Oh!! But a girl did say she liked my shoes… I had seaweed in my mouth so I hope she wasn’t freaked out at that.. lol!!!  That’s nice.. a compliment is nice to get.. I need to compliment more. =3

Then I actually started studying today. I have SO much to do it’s crazy. >.>;; I’ll go them all eventually? T.T Oh well… school has been.. fun~ Someone also wants me to stop holding back… that person also doesn’t know what he gets himself into… sooo… lets see how this goes. (and whatever “holds back” means to you… well thats irrelevant xP)