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Don’t change


Learn from my mistake, please. we all tell ourselves that we won’t change for a guy but…. Once your so into it….. Sometimes only your friends and family can be the one to show you the way.
here is proof that as strong as I have become, there was a time when I was weak and susceptible to every little hanging word that dropped out of his mouth. Its a list I made back in… 08′ maybe? Or 07’… But plain out the guy always complained that I didn’t care for him the way he cared for me. Honestly, that should have been a huge red sign saying ” if you don’t care….. There is probably a reason for that”. he has me so tightly wrapped around his fingers I did enough regrettable things that I still regret. I wasn’t being honest with myself and was trying way to hard to please someone that obviously wasn’t pleased with me.
This list that was made is seriously the dumbest and despicable thing I could have written. And I am only keeping it to remind myself that I will not WORK to care for someone, because I know it will come naturally if I really do have love somewhere lurking inside of me. (har har) But really… It’s one thing to change for yourself and make yourself better. It’s another to be coerced into doing so.

But I am glad the bad relationships happened… Mainly long distanced too. That  way at least all they could do was hurt me emotionally….. Not sure if that is better or worse than physically xD

Girls. Even guys. You will most likely go through many individuals to…test the waters. It’s all about..experience.

You know I actually wrote this last night in bed because I couldn’t get to sleep and I went through some of my old sketchbooks. It’s crazy… he even prevented me from talking to any other guys. In which now… if I didn’t talk to any guys… well I would be really lonely xD It’s not right to have your world revolve around one person. But sorry for the rant… I dunno why I did rant xD Just thought it was… nice to share~


Love and war

Topic #260: Is all fair in love and war? This is one of those sayings people say when things go wrong, but has never made any sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Why or why not?

Such a classic saying… All is fair in love and war~
Lots of people I know are having relationship.. love… problems. It’s… it’s different because I feel really helpless when they tell me their problems or if they ask me for advice. I can give advice but… lets face it… the likiness that they’ll take it right away is slim. Unless they already have a person in mind and I know a bit more background… cause i’ve given bad advice … and its cause they leave out crucial details!! =.=

So love and war… that’s the way to live. Everything is fair, unless someone decides to play dirty. I don’t really like the saying though… for the longest time I didn’t understand it… love and war are opposites. Why can’t love just be unpredictable? Or something like that. but hey.. if I’m in love and there’s another girl in my way… there will be war.

Today though was .. nice. I skipped class cause I was already late. Someone messed up my hair. I ate more meat. I almost fell asleep in class… I finished 2 week of women studies writing in about 2 hours. That was really nice. I got to hang out with a friend that I normally don’t get to today. It was… nice. I finally had some company in my super long wait that I usually spend alone and doing homework >.<

Guys really have a lot of girl problems. I didn’t know that. I don’t think im a girl that makes it any better for guys either… >.> Sorry… but guys used to make it really hard for me so… take it as a defense mechinism and now its just… an offense? Lol!! I can’t even explain it.. my gosh I must be tired. Night XD


Destiny! Phsh. Overrated.

Watch!! For sures.
This made me laugh so much.
Which btw I’m at school sooo… laughing to myself is probably making people look at me weird xD

But Destiny… ah… its now replaced with Facebook xD
Its so cute though~

Therefore I dedicate this to Valentine’s Day..
And all the singles trying to find that one special moment!
Hope it comes true ^-^

(Yea from my last post to this one, I perked up pretty quickly ^^)


This is Love – Utada Hikaru <3

I dunno why I’ve been addicted to this song so much!
I wish I could sing it… but it actually is very hard >.<
I’ll get it enough. Probably why it’s been played over and over and over again for the past like 2 days~ lol!

I’m all hyper right now~ Dancing around (yea believe it)
If this was on tape.. IF, wow that’d be a sight. I’m not even cold~
And I’m in a skirt… tank top… and have a scarf on ^-^
The skirt and scarf I just made~ hehe
Just testing to see if it stays?
Though the skirt is a tad short… okay really short. but I can’t really do anytihng about it >.<
I guess thats why people made leggings and shorts! Which I should buy some leggings but… I don’t think they’d look good on me…

Naw I’ll stick with shorts. Cause I really don’t like leggings. Even if they are the trend now XD