Archive | September 22, 2011

Asian ads… :D


I haven’t said HI! In a long time xD so here’s a Hi~~

Today is just one of those day… even with 7-8ish hours of sleep.. it’s just not enough to function throughout the whole day xD Almost fell asleep in class. But I didnt!! Know why? Well in marketing we were learning about global marketing and the prof showed us some really funny (and long) ads.. lets see if I can find one.. OKay here!!

Shampoo ad – made me laugh when it played. Like… who even thinks of this?! and not like theres much there for the guy to touch..

Musical… ad? Noope!! – This one is long but its a.. story. You go WTH?! At the end lol!! I like it though.. its like a mini drama~

Persistant Skin Cream ad – Aha… this was was seriously funny. Me and my friend laughed throughout it xDD

Yea.. this is what I do in class. No.. this is what im forced to watch in class. That and The MAtrix and now (for the past hour or so) I’ve been watched Full Metal Jacket. Yea… not the most exciting movie btw. That’s why I’m writing this while ‘watching’

Oh and guess what? New flats gave me blisters =3 good thing I have bandaids on me lol!!