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My pouty walk


This is what it looks like when I get pouty after my feet’s been hurting from a long day of walking in heels (that includes a mall crawl too!!) So we were at kohls…. bothering someone at work xD And I went to look for a seat… just happens that seat was in the shoe department! So I told Gee to go pick me out this thing he calls a “walking shoe”


These things are COMFY. I felt like I was walking on air o.o

So he snapped a pictures because it looks funny on me…. especially with what I was wearing XD But I did not want to take them off >.> Will these deter me from wearing heels often? No way! But can I get some flats with the same amount of cushion!? Ahh…. >.>;;

Oh so I did say like two days ago that I would update you on my situation…. uhhh… looks like yesterday my attitude changed =3 SO, I can update on THAT later. hopefully tonight.. I have a huge presentation today and I am not ready for it >.>


girlss best friends


And no. I’m not talking about diamonds xD Maybe later on in the future xD I’m talking about shoes! You know how… many many girls are obsessed over these thing….How odd is that? It’s just… SHOES! And shoes that practically kill our feet for that matter -.- Yet there is a certain charm to them that even though it can be torture to wear them… we still want to. The ones you see up above is the only pair I found today that I really.. really liked. At least for the occasion I’m thinking of. So no it’s not for everyday weaar~ I actually did buy a pair of ‘flats’ to finally replace my old ones~ only $10! Wo!! These were a pretty silver color~ Not… tacky silver either… it was nice silver! I loved them~ I could live without the peep toe part though >.> I don’t like my toe sticking out xD

Today was like a shopping day… and we finally tried a new food place! It was weird… it looked like a fancy resturant but it was…. casual like a panaera bread or something o.o It was so odd…. I dunno. It was good though~ I could live without dipping bread into oil and what not… I think it’s weird xD I’d rather smother it with butter >.> lol!

that pretty much describes my day… other than the occasional pain cry-out because my friends made me laugh so hard -.- Also, sushi sucks to eat when you can’t open your mouth widely T.T!!!


Shoooe unfitting


Recently I bought new flats! Why? They were on sale… lol!!!
They’re… interesting. The one on the left is the old one that is so dead T.T but so comfy! but not… like.. it makes my feet too flat so it hurts my foot and theres too much pressure I’m not used to on the heels on my foot. So these news ones a better cause 1. they’re harder and softer insidea. 2. they were $30 and I bought then for $9!! Lol!!

I hate how you have to kinda.. ‘work in’ shoes. Like they fit me but for some reason one part of my feet stick out? Like the bone seems to be outwardly more…  So for me it hurts when wearing new shoes… I hope its not just me I mean cause…. everyone has different shaped feet! And there are sizes to help but.. its just a average… so there will always be the oddballs one way or another >.<

Oh great news!! FINALLY GOT INTERNET at home~ I’m really excited =3 Mostly because I can finally do fb and anime watching out of prying eyes >.>

Time to get some stuff done.. like this resume!!!



Less ugly shoes


DUMPLINGS =3 Fried dumplings actually.

Today me and Gee had a little outing~ It was … pretty good~ Got to have some food over at Mochilato~ Though we didn’t have any shaved ice.. I’m kinda scared to until the summer workers leave >.> Lol!! I want the original shaved ice we got at first back!! That one was GOOD. But we had fried dumplings which.. were very good. Cause it was crispy and very hot~ Then we also has some of the … the… sushi roll? Which was.. whimpy. Not very… …. … >.> It just wasnt… good or bad. =.=  OH! And green tea mochilato <3

Then we headed off to… BOBATIME~ That’s a pretty good place for boba. Like… it had alot of flavor. I got Almond Milk Tea which was very sweet~ Gee got Jasmine Milk Tea which was very bitter >.< I like to trade our drinks because it makes the other taste better xDDD Gosh.. so bitter gee =.=

I just love going to new places though I hate driving in new places? You never know what you might encounter. Some crazy lady was checking out people’s cars and another crazy man was going around (a security guy was actually like.. following him o.o) when we were at the mall. Puente mall~ Yea kasu, you should know about that. I saw the Papaya you love so much xD But I honestly like Charlotte russe so much more~ Lol! there were some.. funkeh stuff in papaya…

OH! that arcade there?!? SO going back!!! Mostly for the DDR too.. hopefully that machine pad is better responding than the one at camlot. That and.. I really really want to try to get one of those hello kitty heads >.> $5 for one try though… talk about pressue… and a waste of money.

All this with a really ugly blister on my toe. Oh! Not to mention ugly heels. Wanna see how ugly?

The left shoe is what I did to TRY to upgrade it. I added a black butterfly bow~ Then the right is the normal.. I wore some black shorts with it so it matched more. But Gee still said it looked really fugly =.= Hey. You know what? For an 8th grade shoe.. its not THAT bad… okay it is T.T But it’s the only thing that wouldn’t bother my blister!! OKAY?!

Plus Gee got a mouse and earbuds for $5!!! >.> He got a deal.. its nice. I was the seal!! GET IT FOR MEH!

(im a little hyper. To top the day off me gee and hea battled off for about 2.5 hours in Super Smash Brawl, that was fun =3)


Whats with girls and shoes.



So this smexy beast up above is the ragnarok Arch Bishop shoes =3 With the socks it’ll fit perfectly ^-^ I’m so happy about it.. it’s also very soft… lol!  I also got another pair of bright coral sandal heels.. cause its summer~ And the bag was just.. cheap.. and chute!! So if you ever see me during the summer now.. I’ll likely be wearing one of the 3 I got today~

It felt like Santa came today xDD The UPS guy was really friendly. Asked how I was and all, though he came with 2 packages that was not for me T.T So I told him I was expecting a package (he guessed it was shoes.. he was right! XDDD) So he went across the street then back saying sorry cause he didn’t see my package. It was a BIG box. I was so happy~~ He also seemed to like Hunny.. lol!

Okay.. I’ll stop spazzing now~
You wonder why girls are so spazzy about shoes? I have NO idea. But I am always happy because I’m pretty picky… so when I do find a pair I like.. I REALLY like them. I think I’ve bought 3 pairs of the same kind of shoes already xDD
I also did a lot of cosplay and cleaning today! I feel very accomplished~