hurry up snsd!

Gee made me so excited for this!!! He kept checking it.. EVERYDAY! Addict >.> Obsessed?

But it’s just the teaser for SNSD’s The Boys album coming out!! I’m really excited for it. Hey did you hear Demi’s song that is SNSD’s Born to be a lady? I.. don’t like it after hearing SNSD’s… why? Some of the lyrics don’t seem to .. flow? It’s her song Mistake that was out on her latest album she released. Plus I only think Demi is okay… I listen to her songs and don’t..hate any of them. But I don’t really love any of them either? Unlike.. Selena Gomez… now she’s awesome~ (But everyone has their opinion~)

… now I want Yoona’s dress… I think I should make a dress like that =3 It’s cute~! Kinda weird … well it depends.. I have an idea but its a bit diffferent =3 (Yoona is the first girl you see)

Oh did I mention today was … different. internet and tv works better than ever =3 I palyed with my little doggie and… I apparently can’t learn from people I know -.- or like.. I don’t know T.T


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