Archive | September 19, 2011

Double.. bun?


Some weird funky stuff with my hair o.o Gee was amazed at how I did that, on the other side (which you can’t see) is a butterfly clip and then the tail part flows and sits on my shoulder. I love doing my hair like this cause its so easy and… I dunno.. I like it =3 I really love using clips.. time to go buy more? xDD I still have to do a ‘best hairstyles’ kinda video of mine xD

Today was really.. interesting though. okay VERY interesting. Ohh.. I absolutely love hanging out with people that are just SO entertaining you can’t help but to forget time. You learn so much from.. people.. its really amazing. I need more friends like the ones I hung out with today =3

Class today was absolutely… boring. I shouldn’t have went even though on wed I have exams for both of them… but its SO EASY T.T yet it’s so… annoying. And don’t even think its easy cause its business, im just good at what I do~

Ah.. im so tried… I wish I had more energy today but.. I dunno. Once all this group stuff is over I think I’ll be happier xD