Archive | September 1, 2011

My fort


Cause this is what I do when I’m bored. But hey Look!! I’m outsiddee!! Something  I didn’t do when on summer break xD I took this picture while waiting outside on one of the tables that are circled by shrubs. It’s actually really nice looking… only thing I don’t like about it is the leaves that drop on your head xD That and there tends to be more bugs around there but.. that’s kind of unavoidable being outside >.>

Today was … nice. Naps in the car is really nice. I thought of the car like my grown-up version of a kid fort. xDD At least that’s what I was thinking when looking up at the top xD lol!! Classes were.. normal. I’m not falling asleep anymore (except in stats) which I think is good yea~? Then …. ….. yep. Wow I don’t make school sound exciting do I? Well some things I just cant say on here xD