Archive | September 12, 2011

Less Sodium!


Yea… I took soy sauce (the light one!) from… the sushi place so I have something to put in my plain rice when I bring some to school.. which is bound to happen xD It’s less sodium afterall~ And isn’t that good..? Lots of food when I look at the nutrition on the back (mainly to see the fat content… and its really interesting to look at!!) I see most foods have a lot of sodium. Well.. okay that’s not true.. it’s.. like ramen has a bunch of sodium for such a small amount!! Just.. be careful of the sodium intake~ Too much of one thing is bad~

Today I was in such a funk…. It’s just… oh I don’t even know where to start or how to describe it. I thought I would snap out of it by now but.. not really…It doesnt help that for the past few school days (so not including the weekend) the little kiddo keeps bumping my bed so I always get woken up feeling grumpy.. I have to sit her down for a talk >.>

So much to do.. why the heck am I bloging?!?