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Bring them out!

Girls bring the boys out!!

Which.. I think girls can do just fine~ And it IS what we tend to do anyways right? xP

I’m SO excited about SNSD’s new album coming out!! Which should be on sometime this week =3 This video? So smexy… It’s in English!! Why? Cause SNSD is going ENGLISH!! Kind of excited for it but at the same time.. I don’t want them to get more hate from the cruel Americans -.- Yea.. I said cruel. People here can be mean o.o
And I don’t want my girls getting hate >.>
Sica <3 Yuri <3 … Makanae!! Lol~~

Yea.. this is my little spaz. I’ve been replaying this over and over for the day. I can’t wait!!! Oh they have a korean version of a teaser too xD


2nd teaser!!

SNSD’s 2nd teaser!!! I’m so excited =333 Sica looks SOOO cute!!! ^-^ Yuri is smexy too… Oh and Sunny looks kinda weird with the new hairdo o.o But it… it works….
I seriously… have nothing to post about other than this apparently!! Lets see..

My house is getting revamped. Okay not house but.. backyard? Lovely how family members come over and we put them to work xDD wooo free labor! Lol~~~ But its been kinda crazy around the house…

This week seems.. like an interesting week. Some tests. Some… food? Some….. fun!! Well every week is usually fun =3 College.. why do people hate it? You just need the right people to enjoy it with ^-^ The crazy and dorky way is the best lol!!

Mmm…. Oh!! SNSD’s album is getting released the 19th!! How fitting~


hurry up snsd!

Gee made me so excited for this!!! He kept checking it.. EVERYDAY! Addict >.> Obsessed?

But it’s just the teaser for SNSD’s The Boys album coming out!! I’m really excited for it. Hey did you hear Demi’s song that is SNSD’s Born to be a lady? I.. don’t like it after hearing SNSD’s… why? Some of the lyrics don’t seem to .. flow? It’s her song Mistake that was out on her latest album she released. Plus I only think Demi is okay… I listen to her songs and don’t..hate any of them. But I don’t really love any of them either? Unlike.. Selena Gomez… now she’s awesome~ (But everyone has their opinion~)

… now I want Yoona’s dress… I think I should make a dress like that =3 It’s cute~! Kinda weird … well it depends.. I have an idea but its a bit diffferent =3 (Yoona is the first girl you see)

Oh did I mention today was … different. internet and tv works better than ever =3 I palyed with my little doggie and… I apparently can’t learn from people I know -.- or like.. I don’t know T.T