Archive | September 10, 2011

Sweet craving


I went on a candy spree and got some soda candy (may explain the break outs.. so I stopped eating them T.T) and some strawberry pocky~ my little cousins are also so amazed that I know how to read Japanese xD my sister is REALLY amazed that I still know phrases and words o.o I think its just because it’s etched into my mind at this point… hey.. I was awesome in japanese~ “was” being the key word… now it’s shabby >.>;;

I really want to go on a language learning spree~ Though I doubt my mind could take all the information and make sense of it xD

Weekends seem the same to me now…  It’s been work. Study. Clean. Write out emails. Laundry =.= Then I have a full week of school where … it’s actually been really nice. I like being away from home. Though the down side is… I haven’t been able to talk to my mama about calling the dentist >.> Well I guess she’s juts as busy as I am.

Kay.. time to revise my resume so I can see if I can get this nice looking job =3 (That is if I don’t completely flip and not try to >.>)