Love and war

Topic #260: Is all fair in love and war? This is one of those sayings people say when things go wrong, but has never made any sense to me. Does it make sense to you? Why or why not?

Such a classic saying… All is fair in love and war~
Lots of people I know are having relationship.. love… problems. It’s… it’s different because I feel really helpless when they tell me their problems or if they ask me for advice. I can give advice but… lets face it… the likiness that they’ll take it right away is slim. Unless they already have a person in mind and I know a bit more background… cause i’ve given bad advice … and its cause they leave out crucial details!! =.=

So love and war… that’s the way to live. Everything is fair, unless someone decides to play dirty. I don’t really like the saying though… for the longest time I didn’t understand it… love and war are opposites. Why can’t love just be unpredictable? Or something like that. but hey.. if I’m in love and there’s another girl in my way… there will be war.

Today though was .. nice. I skipped class cause I was already late. Someone messed up my hair. I ate more meat. I almost fell asleep in class… I finished 2 week of women studies writing in about 2 hours. That was really nice. I got to hang out with a friend that I normally don’t get to today. It was… nice. I finally had some company in my super long wait that I usually spend alone and doing homework >.<

Guys really have a lot of girl problems. I didn’t know that. I don’t think im a girl that makes it any better for guys either… >.> Sorry… but guys used to make it really hard for me so… take it as a defense mechinism and now its just… an offense? Lol!! I can’t even explain it.. my gosh I must be tired. Night XD


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