Loving Fabric


This is one of the cutest fabric I have come across yet. Like… seriously. I am absolutely in love with it!!! I’m thinking of what to do with it… probably will use it as an accent piece in me 2nd projec t I’m thinking of. But isnt it cute?! I need to get like 3 yards of that… I seriously really love it. What’s better, is that it’s not really.. lace lace? So it won’t get caught in stuff so easily… kyaaa~~~ IM SO EXCITED!!

I decided to just get the fabric instead of waiting for.. money? I’m thinking of it as an investment right now. oh… wait… here’s the ramble.

Today I got very…offended. Someone call me and my friends.. rude. … RUDE! rude and that we’ll be dropouts, we don’t study, and blah blah. It was really surprising. It was completely out of line even if she was an old hag. If she only came over and told us we were being loud, could we please be quieter… it would be okay. We all would’ve put on smiles and said “oh sorry, we didn’t realize that… okay!”
It just… really annoyed me that people are so.. rude. The irony huh. But I guess she didnt accuse herself of being nice.. lol!!

Lol.. I find it funny someone thinks…. ahhh… I don’t even have words for it. I really don’t. If she wants to compare lives… even achievements? I have a few things in my sleeves~

Okay.. I feel very happy now that I have some devious plans in my head… =3


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