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:D Been playing a lot of Tera lately! =3 All my characters on there are elins >.> They’re so adorably cute I can’t help it T.T I made a high elf for awhile but wasn’t happy so I switched it back to an elin~~ She normally has pig tails I believe but some outfits change up the hair so she has ram hair!!! =3 ITS ADORABLE~ (so biased) And I’m facing a bunny! I was gonna say the bunny is big but maybe the Elin is just small LOL

Yea other than Tera I’ve gotten a bit back into Don’t Starve.. why? iono. Probably cause I can play it at the office during breaks and just pause it whenever I want. Then league of course~ Where I just had a ranked Ahri game of 10/0/15 and it makes me SO happy =3333 Especially since I’ve been really craving playing her~~ Trying to get back into Syndra though which has been going iffy just cause I have to get used to her smaller stun size T.T

Other than that I started on my next collection with patterns and cutting fabric out =3 Gives me a chance to run through my inventory and find stuff I haven’t gotten the chance to use! I’m super excited and really really looking forward to doing some great things with this line. Possibly just establishing my… style? Hopefully =3


Charmed. PENTA!

penta 2


And I won’t lie… this might be my first ever o.o AND IN A RANKED. WITH AHRI BBY <3

It was wonderful =3 I love how they’ve been reworking her but also hate it at the same time >.< I’ve gone back to her since Syndra is kinda …. special… right now. The stun for her isn’t… great at all. So meh. I’ll wait until her buff comes around~

Other than that… WO! Time to do some rank games sooon =3 Like solo rank and not team rank xD

Also work work WORK!!! I have a few interviews and business talks for people so the next few weeks are gonna be eventful. That and tax season lol! Oh gosh. I’m crazy =.=


dresses galore


For the past week or two I started this new game on facebook called fashion designer >.> It’s quite a terrible addiction I have. Not only do I get to just design wacky looking dresses… it kills SO much time xD But I suppose it’s stimulating my creative side? It’s quite fun putting extra things on and on until it comes out look cool~ But I saw a trend in the things I’ve been making… which is no color XDDD I guess I’ve been liking the black and white lately~ Don’t mind the two on top to the right… sometimes I get lazy and just do something really simple to accumulate money in the game xD Although I think a few days ago I was doing all blues and mermaid themed…. hm.

Anyways. might get a 2nd… or is it a 3rd? job soon!? Which shocks me but eh, we’ll see how the interviews go :D The first one went terribly but they still ended up giving me a second one probably because my qualifications are wonderful~~ I love how I can confidently say I’ve made over 45 costumes (who knows maybe more at this point) in the past 6 years. And they just keep adding up =3

Other than that.. I’m really tired. I need to go home and do fabric inventory and see what I can do with extra fabric. And start on Ahri soon o.o OH funnnn~~


Kog :D MAW!






Yea… so I’ve been on a kog’maw spree playing him! Some games go really well where my team can hold off until I can get into late game. But the off chance that doesn’t happen… well. As long as I dont feed right? XD

But thanks Gee for the skin =3 I know you mainly got it so you could look at it while I had the pain the play him xDDD Actually.. ok. not quite so much pain. He’s like my big shrimp! :D

So thanksgiving soon. yep. Not sure how it’ll go but I did tell myself to play nice and help out when I can~ Be the good little daughter for a day~ We’ll see how this goes!


fantasy flying


I did say I’d show you some Tera pics right?! Well how about just one… for now. xD Everytime I play I go “I need to be in this game like SAO” xD which reminds me… actually got to the 2nd arc in SAO 2! It’s…. interesting so far. I like the design for silica~ She’s blue now :D Sinon’s design is ok too. It makes me want to cosplay ALL OF THEM~~~ but I won’t~ Something about cosplaying from anime is kinda a backthought at this point.

Ah! So today I actually worked my butt off at the office from 9-5. Ok give and take an hour for food and a nap >.> But it was seriously tiring.. but I mean when is work not? It just got more fusterating when I can’t even count on my mother to get to the office on time for an appointment =.= So I was quite cranky this morning dealing with people I really didn’t want to. What did I want? I wanted to spend my time happily crafting. Even advertising. You know what. Even doing monotonous work =.=

Getting home from work didn’t even make it my moods lift really. It was like actually being able to breath but still under strain from all the crap you had to go through. Honestly I don’t like this client stress situation like this =.= Not with so much at stake. So I think I’ll stick with fashion and cosplay. Anyways. I came home and sat on the couch, took out a carmel apple lolipop and ate it while finishing the last few chapters of the book I was reading. It was nice. Then spent a few hours with league and friends! Which is always fun =3 But I hit a point where playing felt a little useless and I needed time to myself. Went around.. made some dinner. Did some dog business (she chewed up my favorite flat… she’s lucky I’m not punting her across the street >.>) And now… well now I see how terrible some jobs can be and I really have to find a way for this to work out for me. Not my normal job… but my not so normal route XD

But until then… I guess I’ll keep writing the fantasy of doing what I love, as stressful as it is, and being able to make a living off of it.