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organization op


I organized!! :D I finally took a day out to organize and clean up all my post AX mess. It was well overdue o.o But I changed up my organization and although it seems cluttered everything has a box or a bag (that hangs for ease). So pretty much the top shelf is materials and bow fabrics. The bags that hang are different projects which are written on the right cork board on the door. The nordstrom bag is my next line material that was just so huge it couldn’t fit into the normal fabric section in the drawers. And the bottom is scrap fabrics, tulle, petticoats, wigs and wig head! It seems like a lot but.. well. yea. it’s alot. but I’ve been doing cosplay and crafting for about 7 years now? So my collection has really grown…

But yes! I’m quite proud since I de-cluttered a lot and took inventory and note of a lot of items I have. Finally working on some projects that are years old and that also makes me really happy.

On the note of my next line and brand… today I finally got somewhere with it and I have 4 tentative designs already =3 I’m so stoked!! Planning to have around 7 again which is really ambitious but I think I can do it =3 I just… may need to pull some more resources from people and places. But it never hurt to ask for help right? =3


Wig time!


Finally got around to fixing up the horridly shiny wig I bought! Weee! I actually got it for the steampunk lolita outfit but ended up thinking I’ll look like a tree with all the brownery… so I bought a silver wig which is what you see int he pictures~ But then I have this brown wig sitting around and I thought.. why not straighten it and try out the fabric softener and baby powder! I’m actually quite happy with the results. It just looks softer and smells less like plastic but more florally from the chemicals now xD

Fun stuff though~ Can’t wait to see how my other wigs with the same horrid shine looks after all this too!

Been sketching and sewing~ Finally started on Ahri for AX! Really exciting stuff. sorta. kinda. well. yea. we’ll go with that XD

Still struggling with deciding on getting a part time job. mainly for the stable income but taking time away from the creating and designing is also a trade off :/ so who knows. maybe i’ll apply anyways and see if I get it? hur. I can see gee’s face already shaking his head and telling me to just make up my mind QQ I need to make a pros and cons chart >>


What Hiatus >.>

If people still read my blog entries here… well you’re awesome. Since I’ve been kinda MIA for the past few.. what. months?! Anyways… it’s been because of the Collection for Hanadoki Con (which you can see on the FB) and because of… PATREON :D YAY!

DA PAtreon Snippet

THIS is what I’ve been racking my brain up for the past month or so since the show. It’s been on my mind for the past FEW months and I’ve finally finished the page (give and take the video I’ll probably do) But it’s JUST starting and I’m so happy I finally had the nerve to put myself out there. I haven’t seen any other kinda of sewist/cosplayer/designer do this yet but I just hope no one kinda hates me for me >.> But I figured its no different than me making a book of tutorials/patterns or people putting the info in a magazine… instead I’m putting it all on the web! Bulk of this means that part of my work will be only for my patreon supporters but in terms of my work it’ll be 70% public 30% patreon only supporters. So you’ll still see all the major things that come out as well as tutorials/patterns just.. not everything.

Ok I rambled a bit there… just slightly worried of backlash >.>

Anyways! YEA! I’m excited. So excited. Looking forward and doing what I won’t regret~ And tax season is almost over soo… heh. =3 I get to take a mini vaca for not really doing much but SO WHAT. I deserve it too anyways >.>


Need a bow


:D So for birthdays in my group we tend to pick an activity and just.. go for it. So we’ve been to new places, done things like ice skating and different food places… yada yada. Wellll… for my birthday coming up we decided on archery :D Which has been on my to-try list for FOREVER. And my friend has a pretty traditional wooden bow so Gee told me to do a shrine maiden cosplay xD so here’s kikyo! Inuyasha~~~ Old school stuff man. Funny thing is … I have the fabric for it already since it’s pretty much Ahri fabric just covered up xD But I don’t know if I really want to make it just because I have the fabric..

My days have been weird so I haven’t been able to do much in terms of cosplay. Makes me sad. But I might hold off on that a bit and just make myself a new dress or something >.> Oh my sister wants a prom dress. That will be interesting o.o Get to blow other teenager’s minds away with a dress selection.. heh. hehe.


So many projects o.o


So still working on the fashion line~ It’s getting there!! I actually don’t feel too much stress from it and it’s actually been quite fun =3 I just make sure to leave a chunk of my day dedicated to working on whatever I have to for the show. So thats been about… 5 hours a day? A weekday at least. That’s the time I sew and cut fabric mainly. Then I take some detail stuff and what not to the office during the day and work on that when I have a little down time between taxes and the really busy work of my own in between. So it’s been super busy but it’s… a nice busy. :D

I can actually keep sewing cause I’m not tired yet… but I thought I’d update cause I haven’t in forever!! So much for updating everyday right? T.T I’ll just put it to twice a week at this point >.< But yea! I dyed fabric recently and I REALLY liked how it turned out!! I took this picture when it was still wet so the color is actually a tad bit lighter~ I also happened to dye fabric on the hottest day of the week T.T I think it was 85 degrees (F) while I was out T.T

btw that’s part of my backyard. It’s pretty tiny but my grandma loves to just fill it with different plants hence the plants you see in the background XD