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If you haven’t heard of Poke (pronounced kinda like poki) its kinda like a sushi bowl with all types of things~ Here is SoCal it’s been on the rise which makes me really happy~ It’s quite affordable and it’s usually super delicious~ Although I’m used to eating the raw fish and what not, I am sure this probably doesn’t seem appealing to a lot of people o.o

Anyways! ITS FINALLY A SLOW WEEK! I mean… slow in a sense. I’m getting ready for a photoshoot this weekend so not completely slow. But it’s nice to not stress out so much xD

I also have been kinda on edge about people. This is why I create contracts, it kind of weeds out the people who might screw you over later if they don’t sign at the beginning. I know that now xD On another topic I’m not doing a fashion show anymore. They conveniently told me after I decided to stick up for my models and pay equality. It made me really mad … how some organizations are just unprofessional even though they’re trying to create an event for such a good cause. Actually.. it makes me more sad. Anyways I wrote a really good email in response but decided to write a more simple and professional response back. I realize its a small world and I don’t need any bad press. But I think I still have the right to be mad about it and rant a little xDDD



the sweets o v o


Ah…  the sweets and food galore~~ It was quite the week I have to say and man am I more broke than evverrr! Granted I think Gee might be feeling the wallet hurt more than me since he paid for alot of it >> (<3) He’s also trying to make me fat because we had gourmet donuts TWICE in a week, a huge ice cream thing and coutnless other bobas and desserts!

But now its time for me to get back to work!! I have so much to do and so little money to start it. Yep. You heard that one right. Really tempted to get into the wedding dresses/masquerade type dresses soon! Its just always been so appealing to me and with the fabric choices I seem to be getting it might be possible on the budget I have! It makes me really excited I just have to work so much more o.o But it’s fun.. and I like it~ And my goal is to make some sort of a steady income out of it by the end of this year. Because once gee goes back to school I’ll need to be busy to keep from feeling so lonely~ That and get a dog… or cat. Whatever works. Maybe even a gerbil of some sorts?

…. yea im just mentally preparing myself for the future xDD

that should also really include working out because ALL THE FOOD I ATE IS CRAZY and I feel a little fatty. Like I don’t mind being fatty but if I FEEL it then I know I need to go do some more physical activity >> Someone please, tell me what this working out is LOL


Om nommm


FOOOD~~~ Dessert to be more specific~ Since Gee has been closer (distance wise) we have had a lot of time to go seek out all the yummy food which we’ve been craving =3 So… DESSERTS for meee!!! Like seriously. All desserts. Then we get good food cause of him >> But the desserts!! XDD

So we had this yummy ice cream that’s natural blah blah yea! But you get the option to have it dipped in chocolate and different kinds of chocolate so I got a green tea gelato Popsicle with milk chocolate drizzled in white chocolate… it was SO YUMMY /drools And he got a peach sorbet popsicle dipped in dark chocolate… also yummy =3 But mine was sweeter and that made it really yummy xDDD

Then the next day we went up to our fav boba spot and next to it to get dessert which was called a bow-tie toast and it has choco and bananas and ice cream and honey and put it all together and you get…. well prob diabetes but I hope not LOL

Anyways more updates laterrr!

It’s urban~


Food! :D So yea as a religious thing I don’t eat meat on Fridays… it’s just something that lasts for a few weeks that my family wants us to try to keep to >.> But it get especially hard once I go eat out with friends cause they insist on meat =.= And I tell them there are always a veggie option! Or fish~ So We tried going to one of our favorite sushi resturants but the wait was so crazy that we came an hour earlier to put our names down and 45 minutes later we check on our status and the wait was so crazy we probably would’ve been waiting there another hour 30 for a table =.= So we left and went to this place called Urban Plates! It was… different. Kinda hipstery actually. It was set up like a cafeteria where you wait in line, grab a large rectangle tray and go up to one of the stations and tell them what you want. Then you scoot down the aisle passing by some delishing looking desserts and drinks! So yea. It was decently good. The salmon was wonderful, the mac and cheese.. eh. I feel like it should have been breaded >.>

Yea I realized I don’t really post up food pictures so … why not? Then again I go out of the house like… once a week (if I’m lucky?) to hang out with people. But with all the activities it’s been difficult to get in a pure hang out day without having to bring work with me T.T Gee was wonderful and drove me to 2 different Joanns. and 2 craft stores o.o And I couldn’t find what I needed at all so that made me sad… especially that he drove to it all >.> I swear with the food and gas that I probably owe him up till now…well… it’ll take me awhile to pay him back xD

Other than that… I’ve been constantly badgered to go find a husband =.= Yea. I can’t believe I’m old enough for that now. IT’s kinda surreal and I still act like such a kid I dunno what would even change in my life getting married xDD Well. Hopefully moving out cause that’s probably one thing I’m really looking forward to. And dogs. All the doggies in the world :D


Impromptu day :D


Ahhh!!! A wonderfully pleasant surprise outing today! I had an interview which I believe I did well in but won’t be taking the job as it’s just not.. worth it. >.> From the amount of time and pay it just doesn’t make sense to do it versus something else that may be closer and more mind challenging. But! It was funny because Gee had a car appointment literally down the street like 8 minutes from where I was at. So we hung out and had a exploring food day :D Went to downtown Disney to have l lunch and look at all the pretty art =3 we drooled… so badly. LOL Hence the Ariel that was really pretty.. so was the Tinkerbell.. and Belle!! :DD

Then around to mitsuwa where we got more food and spent an abnormal amount of time in the bookstore just …literally gathering ideas and knowledge! We LOVE bookstores so afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble and just looked at more BOOKS! :D  It was funny because at mitsuwa I actually walked away to go to the bathroom and came back to not find him =.= So I walked around and looked around being all lost until I found him at the food stand thing! He went to buy a red bean green tea pancake … thing xD I forgot what they called it… but it was yummy! And I was telling him how I’d go buy it later and kinda reluctant just cause I’d have to charge $2 =.= Which is lame. So he went to buy it =3 it was worth~

And after all that it was boba. Then Dinner at a favorite Japanese resturant~ Got the Poke bowl cause it’s always good =3 Although that white piece int he bowl seriously still looks like chicken >.> They kept saying it was albacore but honestly it tastes like chicken to me sooooo… haha.

Ended up standing outside talking about league for the longest time xD And home to chill, relax. and plan my week ahead :D