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:D Been playing a lot of Tera lately! =3 All my characters on there are elins >.> They’re so adorably cute I can’t help it T.T I made a high elf for awhile but wasn’t happy so I switched it back to an elin~~ She normally has pig tails I believe but some outfits change up the hair so she has ram hair!!! =3 ITS ADORABLE~ (so biased) And I’m facing a bunny! I was gonna say the bunny is big but maybe the Elin is just small LOL

Yea other than Tera I’ve gotten a bit back into Don’t Starve.. why? iono. Probably cause I can play it at the office during breaks and just pause it whenever I want. Then league of course~ Where I just had a ranked Ahri game of 10/0/15 and it makes me SO happy =3333 Especially since I’ve been really craving playing her~~ Trying to get back into Syndra though which has been going iffy just cause I have to get used to her smaller stun size T.T

Other than that I started on my next collection with patterns and cutting fabric out =3 Gives me a chance to run through my inventory and find stuff I haven’t gotten the chance to use! I’m super excited and really really looking forward to doing some great things with this line. Possibly just establishing my… style? Hopefully =3


Pink bunny cake


Happy Easter everyone~!!

Today is a day full for family (which included my mother nagging on me) and relaxing! (which included working…) So even though I didn’t really have the best Easter.. it was eventful because I was able to cut and style my blonde wig (you cann see on my fb) and also realize by the end of all the selfies that I need a new blonde wig…. win right? Or weft more hair into the bangs so I have fuller looking bangs.

Anyways! Has the cake creeped you out yet? It is quite creepy… mother bought it home for fun… she just thought it would be funny xD Yea… we don’t normally have a cake for Easter..

I forgot I have to go to school with my brother tomorrow :/ I wonder what I can do… I have deadlines… gotta meet them >:] Need to stay focused!


To my Hunny Bunny


I’m not really sure how to start off this post but I guess it’s by saying this xD Today I went through all the pictures I own and compiled around 560 pictures of Hunny into a folder. These pictures are me with him, my family with him, and him just flouncing around, laying, eating, etc etc xD I’m quite amazed at how many pictures I do have of him but I’m really glad I took them. This picture above is one of my favorites cause he actually snuggled back to me surprisingly enough xD He was a bunny that knew who loved him… and that I do.

But this morning I woke up to a distress call as Hunny was not okay… he apparently was whining and had seizures. By the time I got to him I think he took his last breath…. and that I couldn’t believe. How I didn’t even get to see if I could do anything for him. (but at the same time I’m glad I didn’t see him in pain) We don’t understand what happened… he had no wounds visible and no crying out in pain (other than the whimpering I heard he was doing from the kiddos later). I was the one who told my mom and brother that he wasn’t breathing anymore and… that threw me into shock. I just kinda sat there and looked at him for the longest time. Afterwards was just… ugh. If you ever lost a pet you’d know.. especially if you were with him almost everyday…

So I couldn’t really… be alone especially at home. Gee couldn’t get out of the house but he was able to gather my friends and let them keep me company xD They are crazy kids and drove me up to my favorite boba spot and we ate, talked, shopped… and the fun part was when we went to this cute little park that had the craziest looking contraptions for the kids! It was seriously so fun. I kinda forgot about everything which is exactly what I needed. It’s also really nice to know my friends would just pick up and drive to me when there is a crisis o.o But I would do the same thing too…
Just knowing that makes me happy.
Being around my mother… does not. For some odd reason she thinks talking about it bluntly is gonna help. Nope. I don’t think so. >.>

I’m back home and kinda soaking in all the feels again…. it’s not that bad though. I have people around and he’s right… it’s better xD As for hunny… he’s in bunny heaven probably making friends with more dogs and cats (rather than other bunnies). I’m sad knowing that he might’ve gone in pain but I am glad to know he’s probably having a blast somewhere xD

So to you my Hunny Bunny, I’ll always love you, and you’ll always be my only Hunny <3


Staph it bunneh


Oh yea. This should be a stamp xD Say hi to Hunny!!! I haven’t taken pictures of him lately and I’ve been smuthering him like crazy xD But uh…yea. He’s a happy little bunneh. xD That’s my brother’s leg btw… not mine. He only does that to my brother… and his bear xD It’s funny… yet slightly disturbing. It used to be worse but he controls himself a little more now (well I can’t really say that while I show you these pictures.. lol) He’s been sitting at my leg and biting my pants as I try to do sewing work… which was really annoying. So I just put him and poke at him until he kinda walks away… but he comes back T.T (I sound SO loving don’t I?)

I pretty much updated my stuff the whole “work” day cause I was SO incredibly lazy… then I noticed how behind I am in with my timeline and life… goals T.T I have the life part almost down but not my… hobbies/fun part… and that may not seem as important to alot of people but it is to me! =3=

okay.. I’ll stop pouting xD And eat. food makes me happy~



Girlie… and pink!


I feel so… girlie!! It’s so.. PINKK!!!! But no worries… there is a reason for this madness! I meant to post yesterday but my day was all wonky. And today was… really weird. But putting a major amount of ranting aside… LOOK!

First off… brother got me a Mia 2 which I’ve always pretty much wanted xD Then to the top right there is a pair of cute sterling silver earrings I bought with the help of Gee~ So I’m wearing those beastlys now. And next is an inflated and a deflated bow for the sylveon ears I finally finished like.. yesterday! And to the bottom right that’s… well. That’s hunny bunny. He’s guarding my mannequin… >.>;;

But now all this doesn’t compare to the sexy new ride I WILL HAVE ONE DAY >:DD reallys. I must have it. If not… I will MAKE IT. That’s the beautiful Alodia in that picture…. T.T *jelly*

So now while I pet my bunny… clean my skin and slave off more ear production… I has a goal. I. Have. A. Sexy. Goal.