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Pocky time!


Wooooo!!!! I haven’t had this stuff in awhile! Lychee and blueberry ~ yum right? Not…well… Hm. The lychee one actually tasted like…lychee. While the blueberry one was okay xD candy tasting xD

This is what happens when im bored at a reunion….


Pocky greatness


Yes my awsome greatness of pocky.
Almost gone too T.T
Like 2 bags left XD
And its been one day…

Hum… I was watcing America’s next top model and the next season is about short models! I’m like..sweet!! But im not that kind of model material I suppose. I’ll stick to my cosplays and hopefully im good at that!

And didja see Shokotan?! She has a Toradora cosplay too!!! I hope I can pull it off T.T I want a blonde wig for Taiga… that’d be so awsome ^-^;; if not its ami with blackish hair XD light brown int he light though~ ww

So im really becoming less lazy little by little. im becoming more confident in my sewing skills to I id some of that. some sims 2~ No hw. And finishing a chapter in my RE book! See? Not so bad~ At least im not laying around watching tv XD


Yum…Miruku Pocky


Kawaii ne? I found this interesting~
It was on the side box of my milk pocky! That Kasuki kinda shared with me~

I already have milk pocky in my collection but I mean… its so good so why not add another!! www


Brazilian pocky..?


Yep! Brazilian Pudding Pocky.
I’m not sure if I had this one yet so I bought it anyhow XD

My family will probably end up devouring it tonight though >.<

But thats what sweets are for~ Eating.. and enjoying!!

So I can’t wait to start my year off with…brazilian..pocky XD
But at least its pocky!!!



Pocky run!


So as a new year’s tradition between my bro and sis and I…
We made a pocky run ^-^;;

Got some stuff to end the year and start it out with!
Some tea cause it was on sale.. big pocky.. some more pocky.. and melon bread for me ^-^ (yay I finally get to eat it!) and some other tea bread for my brother…

I might save the bread till the weekend or… just buy more XD

So The new year is just a couple hours away~
And im watching Toradora!!
Its hilarious..
I wonder if I can act like Taiga… lol!
I probably can… anyone wanna see? XP