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the sweets o v o


Ah…  the sweets and food galore~~ It was quite the week I have to say and man am I more broke than evverrr! Granted I think Gee might be feeling the wallet hurt more than me since he paid for alot of it >> (<3) He’s also trying to make me fat because we had gourmet donuts TWICE in a week, a huge ice cream thing and coutnless other bobas and desserts!

But now its time for me to get back to work!! I have so much to do and so little money to start it. Yep. You heard that one right. Really tempted to get into the wedding dresses/masquerade type dresses soon! Its just always been so appealing to me and with the fabric choices I seem to be getting it might be possible on the budget I have! It makes me really excited I just have to work so much more o.o But it’s fun.. and I like it~ And my goal is to make some sort of a steady income out of it by the end of this year. Because once gee goes back to school I’ll need to be busy to keep from feeling so lonely~ That and get a dog… or cat. Whatever works. Maybe even a gerbil of some sorts?

…. yea im just mentally preparing myself for the future xDD

that should also really include working out because ALL THE FOOD I ATE IS CRAZY and I feel a little fatty. Like I don’t mind being fatty but if I FEEL it then I know I need to go do some more physical activity >> Someone please, tell me what this working out is LOL


Om nommm


FOOOD~~~ Dessert to be more specific~ Since Gee has been closer (distance wise) we have had a lot of time to go seek out all the yummy food which we’ve been craving =3 So… DESSERTS for meee!!! Like seriously. All desserts. Then we get good food cause of him >> But the desserts!! XDD

So we had this yummy ice cream that’s natural blah blah yea! But you get the option to have it dipped in chocolate and different kinds of chocolate so I got a green tea gelato Popsicle with milk chocolate drizzled in white chocolate… it was SO YUMMY /drools And he got a peach sorbet popsicle dipped in dark chocolate… also yummy =3 But mine was sweeter and that made it really yummy xDDD

Then the next day we went up to our fav boba spot and next to it to get dessert which was called a bow-tie toast and it has choco and bananas and ice cream and honey and put it all together and you get…. well prob diabetes but I hope not LOL

Anyways more updates laterrr!



Once in awhile Gee decides to use my weak spot and keeps me out a little later than I should be for sweets >.> And 99% of the time I’m happy with it anyways LOL So last time we hung out we had some really yummy sushi hand rolls and then some hand-made gelato~! Now that gelato… is good =3 Mine was some rendition of milk, black cherry, granola, uhh… maybe chocolate? I’m not sure. It was lightly sweet and slightly crunchy. I loved it =3 But I’m the one with the sweet tooth (apparently?) and Gee is the one that doesn’t have one at all =.= So he ended up getting some dark chocolate gelato which was actually quite bitter. He seemed to enjoy it though xD I liked it cause it made mine sweeter LOL

Other than that… I’ve been on a sweets spree…. so much for eating healthy >.>


More Productive than last time


Alrighty! DTLA trip take 2! xP

So once again we took a trip down town to get fabric and trims. This time was different from the last though! Last time I was the only one looking for something and it wasn’t even fabric -.- So it wasn’t very fun and the traffic was horrible not to mention only a few hours to explore. So this time we were lucky enough to be able to schedule a last minute date for all of us to grab fabric for upcoming cosplay plans! The way to shop fabric is quite… insane. You find grumpy people that just want you to buy and get out… and then you find the ones that just nag on you =.= It’s quite annoying. But honestly the guy who showed us the most customer service and humor won me over >.> Clean store and sense of humor.. plus he knows cosplay?! Yea. That’s a win there lol. That guy will be loved by cosplayers all around haha.

So Anyways. Bottom left picture is just a store that had rolls of fabric going up to the top o.o It was crazy but when you have a specific color and start to get how the fabric is sorted out… it’s quite easy to pick stuff out from the chaos. I’ve grown to like it quite a lot xD Who knew….
In the end we got there at around noon ish and left around 5pm. That’s a good 5 hours of constant walking, bargaining, and getting slightly lost xD

So afterwards we got food~ Which dessert was a crepe basically to myself… wasn’t as yummy as I’ve had before but it was still good xD We ended up going to Little Tokyo to eat and saw Naruto cosplayers gathering… it was odd. dinner was great and so was shopping a little! I was sad I couldn’t take them up to the gardens on top of the hotel but… we’ll likely be back anyways xD

Oh! About the top left picture now. So Gee knows the 85 bakery near me doesn’t have the good breads -.- But the one probably furthest away from the both of us (and our personal favorite) has such a great variety! So he picked up one of my favorites for me =3 Thank you <3
And thanks to the dopples for driving/providing a nice compact car. I hope the streets down town weren’t too harsh on your car >.<;;

Ah! Such a great haul though! I ended up with…4.5 yards of fabric for a really good price o.o Hate to say it but… I need tennis shoes next time if I want to keep doing these things =.=


Drool. More.

 photo DSCN3649_zpsfd9204e6.jpg

AHHH~ So YUMMY! I never really had strawberry tiramisu let alone one that has been made by a friend.. so it was quite the treat =3 I loved it… a lot more than normal tiramisu >.>;;

 photo DSCN3647_zps588e0b99.jpg

And then a friend got a huge boquet of edible fruits… which I think I’ve mentioned. Here it is! It was great cause everyone at the party just devoured it… one person I saw just had a bowl of strawberries… xDDD Heck. I should’ve done that >.>;;

Anyways… looking at the food from yesterday’s party makes me happy xD It’s food afterall~ But I dunno.. it’s been a particularly hard day and … there is always a point in your day where there is a perfect time for someone to make it better but if it falls through… you kinda go into a pit of ice cream and movie watching .Yea. I hit that point xD Soo….. I feel pretty much like crap. And not that I should really have reason to feel that way… but I guess thats how it happens!

Everyone needs that person to pick you up… that’s for sure. And as a guilty pleasure I do admit I watch vlogs of Bubz as a pick me up xD It’s probably her dogs mainly honestly, they’re so adorable. You know what… I should just spruce up Lucky. He can be my little ray of sushine LOL oh gosh… I barely had time today for a relaxing cup of hot chocolate. How am I gonna do that =.= (can you tell im totally battling with myself?)

On another note. I DIDNT DO COSPLAY TODAY T.T I gotta wake up early tomorrow. I need to do MORE.