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Pain of Wisdom


Pardon the bad picture but…
You can see my teeth in it! Cause speaking of teeth…

I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled today o.o I was… long. and. Sucky.
It now hurts to smile, laugh, chew, bite, eat, etc etc. Basically I am better off being sad/emotionless to save me from the pain. But not like its unbearable pain.. it’s… it just feels like the tooth was growing xD Only difference? This time I hope the pain stops when its done healing~

Though I am kinda RAWR about someone wanting to go to the movies tomorrow >.> Comon.. really? After I had teeth removed?!

But other than that.. its been a day full of bleeding. Finding hearts on the ceiling. And almost maxing out my credit card!! Woo >.>

I’m done. Time to eat some mushy foods =.=


Owchie T.T

Today was just full of..

Bad karma.

What did I do wrong to others eventually comes back! I guess today was my day >.<;;

Sp in the pic, the main focus is on my hand. See that nice little darker spot?
It’s a battle scar!! x3

Yea. I totally got in a fight with a chick at Joanns, she thought she was gonna get the last piece of fabric! Bwahaha!
Yea. I got out of that with just a scratch! She… well she wasn’t so lucky… ^^

xD Okaythat’s what I’ve been telling people. I got it from battle!
But no… I actually lost a battle..
To the IRONER! T.T I accidently touched it…
So it doesn’t look too good. I hope it goes away T.T
Looks pretty cool though… but I do hope it goes away.

Oh! And also? I kocked off the alfredo sauce from the counter. It was in a glass jar… it broke. I never got to eat it T.T I do smell it on my leg somewhat though. Oh and also! My daddy got cut from the glass -.- My karma rubs off? >.<;;

But!! Good news? mm… I read some manga online. I’ll write a post on that later…
And I got about 30% done of my Miku surprise cosplay! Yaaay.. Tonight I’ll finish the top then I have the bottom and little accesories…
Not too bad. I do have to write a paper and may have to go to a seminar tomorrow. So who knows how much I’ll get done… >.<

So! A fair warning… karma will come back to you. In a good and bad form!


Wary of … danger


Haha its my lappy~ See! I’m playing flyff xD I forgot why I took this pic.. just because I believe.
My picture taking has been so lazy!!
But I have been on flyff more often.. if I remeber. And my mom always sees me when I have it up, so she tihnks I play games all day now xD I actually don’t know what I do all day now >.< Hw? tv? Soon it’ll be stretching xD Gotta stay healthy! And more flexible? lol

Actually I just read my mail right now and my mom likes to forward emails that ARNT chain mails. And when I send them to other people they never read it >.> So I guess I’ll just write the advice on here.

Apparently people think HIV is fun to play with and spread. Kasuki I know.. knows an experience so it is very much real. People randomly poking others with infected needles. A couple instances I have read in the email, which was highlighted and bolded, was that people going to the movies sit on the chair and feel something poking in thier skin. They then turn around to see that is was a needle with a note attatched to it “Welcome to the HIV family” or “You have been infected with HIV”
Now to me this is as scary as hell! I don’t… understand why anyone would want to spread it. I don’t understand why people are so immature as to maybe think of it as a parnk and go along with it! Maybe passing along the pain? I don’t know. But it’s not just here in the US so that’s something very interesting.

So this email, I believe is true. And even if someone else doesn’t… I mean it doesn’t hurt to know. Just to be careful right? Like not wiping the windshield if someone throws an egg on it.

I just hope one day the people who decided to spread it… justice comes back to them. Or the people who decided to scare everyone by it, it’s just not very… nice. It’s not right.

(Sorry for the depressing-kind of post. School sucked today. Soreness galore. Prof = bore. Prof caught me texting .. I think. And tests are coming up o.o;;)


New charms ^^


Ne nee~
I changed my phone charms xD It’s always a funt hing for me because I do have many but I only like putting on so many >.< And they have to go together xD
I miss my puff ball but I kept mistaking that as my keys >.< And now I can’t really find it because its not big enough,lol.
So I shall keep looking for cute charms~

Ah today I’m beyond sore!
Like… my neck.. I can’t really move it.
It hurts when I laugh because I did 3 sets of 50 crutches.
My calves hurt from excersises ..
Thighs from stretchign and kicks.
Argh xD Wushu is though. But I find it fun to learn a whole bunch of new things ^^
I’m pretty good at my back sweeps~ heh.

Anyhow! I’m starting to write up my paper now, good thing its only a rough draft but… its just a pain >.<
Good thing is that I bought my wushu shoes today ^^


Today? Tooth hurts T.T


Lets see.. today. I woke up pretty late. xD
Its a weekend anyways right?
Then got ready..ish. Reluctantly went around with my mom. Which I suppose wasn’t so bad…
Came home. Went to church slightly afterwards. Now I’m home again…
So not that much of an exciting day…
Nothing much to do.
What’s bad is that my tooth hurts… second one from the back…
I think its cause everytime I eat sweets it concentrates with one of two teeths. Instead of spreading out… T.T
It doesn’t hurt like a throbbing. Only if I touch it. Which is bad.. and still then it’s not a painful hurt.. it kinda tickles me xD
I do well with pain though xD lol! I kinda sounded emo there!
Except paper cuts! Those are evil o.o;;

xD Back to watching anime!
Currently watching: Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora