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It’s… low xD


I didn’t mean for this picture to be so blurry… it just is. But I suppose it’s fitting for posting anyways xD Since that top part was seriously low… but apparently that’ the trend! Cause this is the 3rd piece of clothing I loved but just didn’t really like the whole V neck cleavage part. And oddly enough, both items just accentuate it more but… it’s kind of too … revealing for my tastes. I love the flowy dress immensely though =3 So I’m debating on getting it but just wearing a tank top underneath cause it’s seriously really cute dress~ The picture was taken weirdly so it makes me look so… odd!! But I dun care~ You can’t even tell its me lol!!

Anyways. I’m gonna work on posting more because… it’s sad to look back on my blog and barely see anything for maybe… 2 weeks now? It’s sad!

Let’s see.. anything else that’s happening…. I finalyl finished my resume and cover letter for a job I want… gotta finish up some interview questions tomorrow and I get to send it in! I’m stoked but really scared at the same time. I feel as though I’m putting all my eggs into one basket with this application…. and I have no idea what I’m gonna go to afterwards if I don’t get it! I know.. not very smart of me. But I’m optimistic…  something I hope to keep around me while I continue on this early job hunt.

Alright. I’m off for now. Have a test tomorrow. And the gym. The gym? the gym T.T




So… ALA! Planning for it yet? Tabun…
demo… ikitai!! T.T;;
we’ll see I suppose.

I’m looking forward to cosplaying~

But ahhh I guess I love talking back to my mom or something but she’s getting annoyed. She just wants me to shut up and do the work XD But I’m not like that… I dunno. I do what I like to do and all. But if someone starts to seriously boss me around, yea I do not get happy >.<;;

I mean I don’t mind doing favors and things if people ask nicely. I’m then very happy to do it ^-^ But man… its that ‘you have to do it or else’ tone I dun like ..

Thats probably why in the future I’ll end up working like… I dunno.. Like I’m my own boss. I can’t see myself getting bossed around. I’m stubborn like that XD But then again… I dunno~ lol