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Flying off at the speed of light

Team Rocket Bows

I did so much administrative work today… trying to get it all out of the way before the lovely crafting times comes around. Cause I’ve noticed its harder for me to sit and do things at the comp than just sitting at a desk and doing some crafting work xD so I updated pages, the shop, got a trip planned out, and more importantly…. replied to as many messages and I could o.o Cause im terrible at replying back T.T I can’t wait for the day I have an assistant >.>

I finally got some new bows up! Decided to get a little more fancier with my bows and so now they have details like this~ Team rocket bows! The top is what I thought they’d wear xD the bottom two are interpreted from a team rocket pokeball I saw where the pokeball is black and white with a big fat red R on the top! I was debating on selling the winged headbands online but… actually decided against it. I might have it as a con-only item because shipping just isn’t worth :/

I also played league today since… a week ago. It’s been awhile and it felt good to play. Although I started to get a little nervous.. it happens. I play syndra a lot and the ball placement and timing is just so crucial. It’s so fun but …well.. stressful! kinda like cosplay anyways xD

Well hope you like the new bows! :D



Girlie… and pink!


I feel so… girlie!! It’s so.. PINKK!!!! But no worries… there is a reason for this madness! I meant to post yesterday but my day was all wonky. And today was… really weird. But putting a major amount of ranting aside… LOOK!

First off… brother got me a Mia 2 which I’ve always pretty much wanted xD Then to the top right there is a pair of cute sterling silver earrings I bought with the help of Gee~ So I’m wearing those beastlys now. And next is an inflated and a deflated bow for the sylveon ears I finally finished like.. yesterday! And to the bottom right that’s… well. That’s hunny bunny. He’s guarding my mannequin… >.>;;

But now all this doesn’t compare to the sexy new ride I WILL HAVE ONE DAY >:DD reallys. I must have it. If not… I will MAKE IT. That’s the beautiful Alodia in that picture…. T.T *jelly*

So now while I pet my bunny… clean my skin and slave off more ear production… I has a goal. I. Have. A. Sexy. Goal.


mini bows =3

 photo DSCN2928_zpsda3fc197.jpg

Mini bows! I’m so glad Mikoto is almost done =3 I slacked so badly today though! T.T I played a lot of Animal crossing and what not.. but umm.. happy Summer Solstice~? xDD

I’ve gotten to the tedious part of the cosplays where its just sewing on details >.< It’s so tedious and I’m gonna need a better sewing desk to account for the long period of time in front of the sewing machine. Yesterday Gee stopped me from buying another mannequin which was going to be bought for accessories and looks versus practicality of fittings.  I really do want it but.. he’s right on so many things. 1. I can spend the money on something else. and 2. I don’t have room for it whatsoever. So I’m really looking forward in making enough money to get myself a studio. I know, it sounds weird and it really is but I want one. Actually.. what I want more is a storefront with a backroom for myself to work in. I think that’d be awesome. Or EVEN better is just a huge house with a big room to myself =3 But let’s face it… that’s not happening anytime soon xDD

Alright. I’ll stop dreaming. =3


Musical Bows~


Yea you know you like that~
I gotta put KimikoKotomi over it just because… well I don’t want others taking it >.<;; I worked hard on each and every one of my bows!

I haev a total of 6 smalls bows made just liket he pic and 2 large ones.
So in total… that took 1/2 a yard. Which costs… enough T.T It was actually expensive.

So  I was making them while watching tv or whatever. Cause for me they are easy to make now ^-^ So pro ne? www


How weird..


I think this pose and angle makes me look skinny? www

Yea am I really skiny? no. I am not XD

But! I think these socks go with it… does it?

Oh! My bow!

Yea its huge. XD Kinda.
I like it? I put extra cloth in it.. like… old cloth. But the only was you can see it is if you ripe open the bow XD So thers no way its noticable~

And its not going on my head XD Its gonna go in the back~