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Alrighty so It’s pretty obvious I absolutely LOVE Miku Hatsune~
And one of her songs is this song called Melt!

The difference in this video is.. the drawing is fan-done (still uberly CUTE. Makes me want to try out some drawing~)
And I’m such a fan of the singer who goes by the name Rockleetist.
She does English ‘dubs’ of alot of the Miku songs. Her voiceis incrediblleeeeeee. I can’t match that xD
Then again she does some Opera and all so… how can I expect to match that?
But anyways! Love her work, feel free to check her out more~

Other than that…That’s my morning post for the day~

I heard your voice and turned to see,
when you said, “Will you share it with me~


AX Day 2! <33


Anime Expo day 2! A cosplay day as I would call it.
I decided to reuse to dress I entered into the Joanns contest for a Miku wedding dress cosplay~ It turned out to have moderate sucess.
After seeing some pictures of it I do realized what I could’ve done differently T.T As a cosplay dress it fails. but as a prom dress, it’s pretty darn awesome xD

And so in a nutshell.. day 2 was just running around to shop! I didn’t go to the concerts or anything just because … I didn’t know the people too well xD
I wish I got to spend more time with other people but my brother wanted me to stay around him -.- And that also made it very hard on me to walk around to keep up with him. 4inch heels. Usually I can wear them all day but once I have to walk back and forth and for a long period of time.. (like walking from the west hall to the south hall then back tot he west hall)…. yea it gets to you even with the comfy-est shoes xD

I went to the chibi masq! It was funny. Someone proposed. Pokemon fight. etc etc. You may be able to see more in my video once I get started on it.
Actually I went home early today. Was home at about.. 9ish. Went to chipotle for dinner. Oh baby… that was some yummy stuff there.

But here are some of the pics I took~

Here’s a cool Chii outfit~

I like Ciel’s Pink dress (duh) But I especially liked this one’s hat


not sure where this person was from, cool tho xD


Miku in cantarella form! I liked her dress~


Macross frontier!! It was cute xD


She was awesome. xD Dynasty warriors ftw!


And an awesome pokemon group xD

Here are some link to the rest of the pictures:
Two Trinity Blood cosplayers
Not sure where they are from
Kawaii Kimono Rin
Dynasty Warriors cosplayers!
Chibi Rozen Maiden girls~
Sister with onigiris

And thats it for the most part. Remeber these are just all pics of me with the cosplayers for the contest me and my bro are doing. That reminds me I have to count them all up soon.. these are not all of them xD Some more on my fb thanks to other people tagging me~


Miku fin. =]


Today! Is a very exciting day for me becauussseee… I fininsh Miku!! AND took pictures!
For the contest at least. Which is why my hair is.. my hair xD

What I learned from this though?
My makeup.. doesn’t show. I’m gonna have to exaggerate it a bit more..
I even have fake eyelashes on!! Those are so uncomfy… but I finally am able to get them on right and stick on ^^

See my necklace? finished it this morning ^-^

Oh! I have new posts on my cosplay blog. Go look at more pretty pictures xD

That’s what I did today..
you know what.. I’m feeling really good about it so here’s a full pic xD A sneak peak to see whats to come at AX? ^-^


Cool huh? =P

Man I soooo wish I wore this to my prom last year!! Too bad I didn’t have such skills back then.. T.T

anyhow~ Now time to do some work… play some more Plants vs. Zombies. And Start on more cosplay!!

Sometimes I wonder if working months ahead of time on cosplay was crazy… then I remember how great it feel to be at AX in them completed.. so I think it’s worth it ^-^

Look out AX… 2.5 weeks to go!


Day 3 of ALA 10′ (Last!)


Miku’s times 2! Haha.
Today was the last day for ALA 10′
We both came late because Kasuki there tot he right decided to not completely finish her cosplay xD
But it all worked out fine. I wish we had wings! lol~
But at least Kasuki dressed up.
The pics we got were hilarious xD
It was mainly me cracking up the whole time…
I swear I can’t keep a straight face! lol~

I’m going to retire my Miku Hatsune cosplay now. ^o^;;

So yep! I came home. Tried to clean a bit. Then just ende dup napping for an hour >.<
I haven’t gotten a good amount of sleep for the past three days. Dang… how do I ever go through cons?!

So yay for having a partner to cosplay finally. It is way more fun because.. well Kasuki wasn’t sitting on the side bored and we had so many more ideas!

Met some new people today too, it was cool~

I bought a cute pink roll phone charm as wekk as a jelly one for my sis. And that’s about it. >.<;; Spent probably… less than $20 on little souviners and a bit for food. So not too bad. gotta start saving for AX! I’ll take a week or so break from cosplay then start up again!

Isn’t Kasuki so emo? =P She does it good like that~


Desktop Miku ^^


A Screen shot of my desktop at the moment~
Actually pretty clean… just cleaned it up… a week ago maybe? sometime during the break.
I really like this bg because it does fill up the whole screen (unlike some other pics since my screen is so big)
And it’s miku! With wings <3 Too bad its not pink. But I love miku’s personality so her cuteness can atone for that.

I’m currently at school~ Thinking about cosplay and sewing stuff… I miss it.
Though instead of tihnking about that I should be thinking what is a trstor, trustee, and beneficiary reationships and what not.

bleh. I need a nap. Hey! I can just start studying RE! I’ll be out like a light~ lol!

Time to go to anime club now. Yes. That’s the highlight of my day today, lol~
Can’t blame me… some people there are weird, but the majority are… weird – .-
Okay nvm I’m done trying to make a point xD