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Staph it bunneh


Oh yea. This should be a stamp xD Say hi to Hunny!!! I haven’t taken pictures of him lately and I’ve been smuthering him like crazy xD But uh…yea. He’s a happy little bunneh. xD That’s my brother’s leg btw… not mine. He only does that to my brother… and his bear xD It’s funny… yet slightly disturbing. It used to be worse but he controls himself a little more now (well I can’t really say that while I show you these pictures.. lol) He’s been sitting at my leg and biting my pants as I try to do sewing work… which was really annoying. So I just put him and poke at him until he kinda walks away… but he comes back T.T (I sound SO loving don’t I?)

I pretty much updated my stuff the whole “work” day cause I was SO incredibly lazy… then I noticed how behind I am in with my timeline and life… goals T.T I have the life part almost down but not my… hobbies/fun part… and that may not seem as important to alot of people but it is to me! =3=

okay.. I’ll stop pouting xD And eat. food makes me happy~



Smart bunny, sleepy bunny!


Hunny Bunny found a new spot xD He’s sleeping! Napping? Eh, whatever bunnies do xD TOday flew by o.o Like.. insanely. I spent a good part of my day just doing the commission and then a nice chunk on shopping with the family for school stuff. (Which I learned to hid stashes of food deep within the pantry so it doesn’t get devoured by kiddos. It happens. I’ve seen it happen!) Then I just finished university stuffs which… is honestly killing my brain T.T Not like it’s hard to understand, its not. really. EEO and stare decisis… add in some recruitment and personalities of people and you get my semester xD It’s quite fascinating. =3

Let’s see… I wonder if I have anything interesting to tell…

This Friday is my photoshoot for Ragnarok~ It’s been planned for awhile. I’m sort of excited but not at the same time. I have a few minor pieces to make still and and… …. welll some tide white pen or something. it’s dirty =.=

Anyways…. ah… what was the point of this post >.> OH! Hunny bunny. He’s been rebelling lately. If I don’t give him some cereal before bringing him inside to his cage for the night he gets stubborn or tries to dart away =.= Smart little bunny. Annoyingly smart!!


Ducks. Bunny -.-


Ducks. Lovely things really. This was the first time I’ve seen ducks dig through mud for I’m guessing bugs…. It was quite fun to see because there was a sprinkler on and they were like bathing with it too xD At least… that’s what it looked like to me. So why am I talking about ducks? Well… it really doesn’t have a connection to today other than my little rascal named, Hunny.

See… there is something really special about bunnies. It’s not that they are the cute creature of the world, or that their fur is so soft we probably make blankets out of it…. and let’s face it, that is probably somewhere out there (as sad as that may be). No, what is so special about them is that…. they poop in pellets and thier pee is TOXIC.  I may have mentioned this before but I have no experienced it to it’s fullest extent today. Yes. Today.

Today I went to explore a depth that has not been seen before… and we want to keep it that way. So in respect to that, I will keep details private. The bulk of it? Think of this lovely cute bunny with it’s toxic pee and fertilizer of a poop and let it accumulate for a few month. You can only imagine the smell and outcome of that…. and because I’m nice I won’t describe it to you or give you an analogy. Why? That’s just mean xP

So I cleaned it… WE cleaned it. And…. we LIVE! It took a little bit (like an hour…) but well worth it. That was my day. (That and actually doing work work lol!) I also washed my car and cleaned the carpet in it ^^ Yea.. PRODUCTIVE


Lay. Good!


It’s how he rolls now~ Hun Bun that is ^^ I love it when he just pops down in the middle of the room xD It’s funny because he doesn’t even care if I walk around or pet him when he’s like this lol!!

Though I decided to not be like Hunny all day and sleep! I…. picked out my ideal schedule for fall classes… which actually look pretty decent! I have time for lunch and working out~ THen I studied without falling asleep … xDD And my brother bought me food! See? THat’s productive~

Actually looking forward to school! I’m finally getting into my major courses ^^


bunny nap.


Lay back and sleep~ At least that is what Hun Bun would say on a day like this~ I took this picture while he was fast asleep o.o Like.. I was doing bunny ears on him and he didn’t care! (ironic huh~)

Today was lovely. It’s been nice because I haven’t fallen asleep in any of my classes =3 But there is one thing I really hate about college… smoking. Honestly… the sign says at least 20 feet away from buildings! at LEAST smoke where I can avoid it -.- I don’t like having to walk behind someone smoking and I can’t get away from it either T.T It’s not that it really smells bad… it’s that I like my lungs clean (with the occasional pollution from the air). So I don’t care if you smoke, just… not around me >.> I honestly don’t think I could have any smoker friends >.<;;

Ah well… my stomach wants to attack me.. probably because I tried feeding it odd things >.> Gross kinda things… okay so I went to Carls Jr today T.T but I tried to wash it out with green tea!!! >.> I hope it worked? xDD I’ll load up on water ….