Archive | April 23, 2010

Kick… as….s!


So today… Very chill. Nice change from my regular routine.
I watched Kickass!
In cinema city.. which the tickets are pretty cheap. Like $6… so that’s something really awesome.
I wouldn’t mind watching movies more often at that price xD but not at $10! Yea -.- that extra $4 I got boba! ^^;;

So that movie was good. Makes me want to play with sharp objects… but without the sharpness xD Cause I don’t want to get hurt nor do I want to hurt anything >.< At least not anything I like… x3 But I did love the little girl in there… I think she’s the main character of the movie ^^

And had in n out. Some yummy stuff there. But was so tempted to steal a dog.. xD dont ask!
And yogurt… kinda. No Tarooooo T.T Taro is so yummy though! <3

Borders… thats something new. I kinda want to go there again to just hang out for an hour or more to look up more fashion stuff. I need ideas!
So I also took a quick trip to Micheals… that was… okay. I found some items I liked.. just gotta put them together with toher stuff.
So the pic at the top is just a random picture I took at Micheals…

Oh! But I was glad today because I learned a bit more about the area around my school as well as another freeway… sooo… yay ^^

Time to chill… maybe. I think I’ll sketch cosplay work ^^


Just time … alot of time.


Such an emo pic?
Well I’m sitting at school… and I really dont wanna seem so.. so… out there by taking pics of myself at school xDD
So! This is not so noticable.. I think. But omgsh I thought my makeup was more noticable… guess not >.<
Today I went kinda lighter than usual, not sure why. Didn’t feel like spending more than 5 mintues on it~

But I have good hair today? Okay my bangs arnt suppose to be over my eye either
I’m not emo! Or I am secretly.. but only secretly~

So I’m actually posting in the middle of the day because.. I have an hour to kill before anything opens. Included Chipotle or my boba shop.
But I’m not fully sure what I’m doing afterwards either…

But I think I’ll take this time just to say what’s coming up…
I only have about a month left of classes. Actually like 3 weeeks and I think 2 days of finals. I think… I haven’t checked. >.<

I have to.. revise a paper. Write another paper, good thing its short. Another Document analysis. Math exam next week sometime… AMST I’m like… dying in…. bleh.

So! I’m REALLY looking forward to summer~
cosplay GALORE. I think I can finish projects within the same week. Gasp! I know huh?
I really hope to geta new phone soon. Hopefully the blackberry during the summer. Then I’ll finally be able to post on the go!
Cause believe it, or not. I have a lot of just sitting time. But I don’t blog because I don’t have my laptop.
And usually I’m better bloging when I know what I’m bloging about. Like at that moment. Which is why right now this post is kinda long.. just kinda.

I tihnk lately I’ve been contradicting myself… then again lately I think I’ve been weird xD
Yesterday I got irritated. Things people say… indecent? Not sure the word for it. Oh well ^^;;