Archive | April 3, 2010

Getty Trip!


So I said I went to the Getty this past.. Wednesday?
Yesh. And I did! A pic of the awesome view from there! I LOVED the view. Probably more than most of the artwork! lol!
But I learned from this trip… that… I don’t really like paintings so much. They bore me!
What was interesting to me was… furniture!! xDDD

I want that bed… xDDD And that chair! Oh how much I wished I could’ve sat on it …. heh…

I loved the outside part too. I was pretty tired by then… I spent a few hours at the museum.. made sure I saw everything xD
I have so uberly awesome pics that Erukii took buuuuut….

I’m a bit lazy to resize and upload them xD I’ll have some up eventually though! Mostly cause it shows off the new dress I bought not too long ago~

So I recommend this museum. It’s nice but if there is an exibit open that you are personally interested in. When I went it was the Da Vinci exibit. But it was sooo croweded that I could not really enjoy it T.T Oh well.. the statues were pretty cool? xD


Got som fabric!

So yesterday!
I was gone from my comp most of the time T.T So I didn’t get to post something about my day!
Yea how exciting right?
Naw I just… worked.
And… got irritated. xD
And church… again!
But I went grocery shopping and had salmon at night.
That was pretty yummy.. salmon…

oh.. well that’s not too interesting. Man I don’t even remember!

Oh! Went to joanns quickly. Argh, lots of things wern’t there that I needed! So I have to go get them later T.T
I did get some boning! It’s to hold up a strapless dress xD For my miku prom!
Then my mom wants me to  make her a ao dai, its the viet dress. she bought the blue fabric shown at the top. I’ll do it eventually.. shouldn’t be so hard right? ^^;;