Archive | April 6, 2010



Its a piece of brownie!!
So my sis made brownies. And I really liked them. Probably cause they were dark chocolete.
Which meant I could eat a lot and not feel bad because it didn’t taste so sweet.
Which is also went VERY well with milk.
milk and brownies <3
Imma try to convince her to make cookies tonight ^^;;

and omgsh you know what I hate?
I have a blackberry.. or pinkberry as nonformally called, but anyhow! I have a blackberry and when opening a text I only get to preview the first line while it loads. And I read it and I’m like… YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Then it opens and im like.. NOOOOO!

-.- fail. Epic. Fail.

That’s my excitement for the day. lol!
Cause really? All I’m doing is homework and work. Work. Work. Work. I want my paycheck. It’s here. But I can’t get it yet T.T How depressing!
A pic of what we cooked the brownies in~ a toaster oven!!! xD

Wait… brown-ies. Who was the brilliant person that named then brown…ies! like.. cook-ies? Couldn’t they be like tasties?
Just a thought… dont mind me xD