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tea trio time


BOBA DAAY~ Actually… more of a tea day :D

So the weather here was particularly gross… it’s been raining on and off and the weather has stayed around 85~88 F …. its so sad. Humidity and RAIINN xD But even so it felt terrible to just stay home all day so Gee was actually in the general area so I decided to meet up with him for a few hours to try out a new boba shop! Ahem. I mean TEA shop. Since they specialize in brewing their own teas and what not xD It was decent, what I’m happy about is that I had them put in the normal sweetness and it wasn’t sweet at all! Now isn’t that an awesome place~ =3

Now the question is… why are there 3 drinks? I ran into a friend at the shop who sat with us as I sketched and we watched part of the league LCS~ It was interesting and quite refreshing from the gross weather that was outside >>

ALSO got a new modem today for the internet, I don’t think it’s making it any better tho T.T

Pretty close to finishing all the designs~ I’m excited and super worried… I have a family thing coming up and hang out days with friends. halp. I need time management so badly now. YOSH. I CAN DO IT. I just need the motivation to start right?




Today was interesting! My brother got tickets for a Musical called Waterfall~ It’s the first musical and I’m happy :D It was a love story kinda on forbidden love and just how a first love changes you but just like the title is, its the FIRST love, meaning you’ll have others~ At first the accent of the main guy who was Thai was really hard to follow but I think I got used to it. The orchestra was awesome and the dresses were so pretty!! Inspiration much? definitely~ Also was cool cause we had pretty awesome seats :D

Anyways afterwards I looked up boba shops around and we went to Urth caffe! It’s a popular cafe that I’ve been to a few locations of. Every time I go and get the drinks I get the good ones… people I go with… not so much =3= So my brother hated his and his… friend ended up throwing hers away =.= I was sad cause I’m pretty sure if I asked for something else may have remade it? They tend to be nice like that but since they were so busy I dunno if they would’ve. Oh and a selfie with my sister cause… yea. We do that now LOL


A trip of wonders


Aha! Today was the big day after AX where I got to hang out with the group~ I’m lucky that they were all ok with going downtown with me so I got 4 full bags of fabric and spent around $60 for pretty much 95% of the fabric for the show! Yep =3 Found a new store which I’m in love with and a tea shop right in the middle of the fabric stores that sells pretty cool looking tea~ They also give a free fishie snack on top of the boba for free!! That’s always fun~

So all the fabric now fills up my desk. I have no idea where to put it let alone where to put the finished products so this will be fun xD Thats… a random picture of me eating the snack cause Gee had my phone and took selfies of himself LOL Yea… I get that randomly. Then we went over to the beach area to walk around and found this lovely dinosaur spewing water so I made Gee stand and open his mouth XDDD Its hilarious and doesn’t make sense but whatever!! And the boba is in the corner~ You see that green leaf? The tea bag is attached to that and is seeping in the drink as we drank it =3 Kinda cool!

So yep. I’m  REALLY happy that I was able to spend less money (ish?) I paid for parking and threw money at the dopples cause they were brave enough to drive xD So I’m glad…. some pretty hardcore friends of mine to just go to downtown and follow me xD Hea got hit on which was quite awkward… a dude selling fabric got in trouble cause he brought the price down so freakin cheap for us girls~ I got velvet for $5 a yard. Yea. That’s cray. I love it. =3 It’s not some weird crushed velvet too! So I got an extra yard cause why not. Maybe I can make Gee a cool cape too =3

So yea! I’m a little deydrated from the trip… lack of water =.= So time to drink more now and tomorrow and sleep! I have a LONG few weeks ahead of me~

PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL SISTER! (who is currently away on a summer trip but eh. She comes back to a outfit for my show =3)


Boba, Wires, Appetite…


Once of those days that involved tea and brick toast~ Went to Cha2O which is really the only place that’s opened late… and it has the whole night club vibe to it. You can also see my new gloves I bought to the left! It’s one of the ones where it’s fingerless but you can unhook the elastic to the bow to unfold the mitten part off. Got it mainly cause my hands get cold from all the lovely cosplays works xD

I woke up to a nice surprise today though! Okay not really… I woke up early which was nice. Had a cup of coffee and watched a bit of anime! Also took down our Christmas tree T.T So sad to see it leave but oh well. Anyways! The nice surprise? Hunny. You can just see the mess from this picture I posted on my twitter:


He basically bit BOTH the sewing machine and serger power cords….. He actually ate a bit of it last night where he got shocked and my sister almost did too xD So I thought that was the end of it but nooo, I unplugged it and came back in the morning to see it like this T.T It made my heart just sink and I was trying to take business pictures at the time T.T So none of the pictures really turned out well… (didnt help with my mother’s constant interference) So afterwards I nagged my brother enough for him to fix it. SO ITS FIXED :D And I’m happy. Also took precautions and got wire protectors as well as taped the wires to the top of the table and floor to avoid any more heart sinking incidents. I think my bunny getting kicked out of my spot is making him rebel and so he keeps trying to cause wreakage T.T It’s horrible… it’s like having a teenager of my own T.T I don’t like it already.

Yea… that’s my morning. Sent out some store packages to peoples which is always fun. And came home to do some armor work! Yep. Already working on the re-do of Asuna’s armor~ Mainly cause I wasn’t ready to take up sewing heavily two days straight xD And then I got swept away to the boba spot where my little cousin threw up on the way… home.. in the car. it was gross… I lost my appetite for the night sooo gum it is xD

So many feels today!! Hing. I think I need to sleep early >.>



Some days are just… TMI days. You know what I mean. Those talks with friends where too much information is shared >.> But not like its a bad thing cause… I’m an information sharer with certain people… and even online. I know where boundaries are so I don’t share information with certain people. So obviously I share pretty much everything with Gee cause he’s … he’s my “boo thang” LOL For some reason that phrase has been in use lately… And once I share information once I really don’t share it again unless  its goooood xP So it’s nice being able to share a lot and just letting it out xD Cause I actually told stuff even Gee didn’t know yet >.>;; And vice versa… and.. well… yea. interesting stuff my friends have xP

It was just a late boba outing today cause we were all stuck in school or been studying for awhile… so we went out a tried a new boba place that’s sorta a convergence point for us… (a little further for my dopple asuna :/ )

I didn’t really tweet a lot today just cause I was stuck in the office and I just tried to stay on track but that didn’t work! So I’ll see what I can get done at… mm.. 1am. >.>;;