Archive | April 11, 2010

oni… giri!


Ahhh I made a rice ball awhile ago~
See how pro it looks? Even without sticky rice.. but I have a lot of the nori strips so.. that’s my rice ball! Onigiri x3
Hopefully I have time to make more later xD

Well today wasnt quite as exciting for me. I woke up at 7:30 am to go to church. I feel as though I’ve written this already…
Well yea then kinda day dreamed during that… went back home around 9ish and just slept until 11 when I had to eat. xD
But it still made me tired.. waking up that early that is.

Hum… then ate. Cleaned. Did some laundry. TRIED to do homework .DS died on me, no more charger T.T
Annnnd… now I’m trying to finish up homework…

OH! I bought a new wallet today… it was great so… I brought out the hot glue gun and got stuff out~ now its all cute ^^


Oh how… amusing~


So today went to a… ‘amusement park’
So its suppose to be fun!
Actually went to Knotts~ Why? Cause I can xD
Should’ve went to Disneyland xD lol!
One day I’ll go again.. hopefully.

So sorry for the crappy pic! It’s like.. past midnight right now and I’m trying to blog and do all my facebook stuff T.T
And so for my birthday .. I went to Knotts.
And… it was so tiring! xD
Started with revolutions. Then to Jaguar… chill rides you know?
Then my friend FINALLY came, so then it was time for the big rides!
Silver Bullet, Ghost rider, Pony express?!
Yea… one way or another I had fun…

It was either me just singing, playing a game, talking? I dunno. Hours were killed but for a good cause xD
Man I’m so tired. My legs and voice are dying out on me.

I want to go to Disneyland and 6 Flags again one day.
But yea! Then Kasu bought me …
Milk. Yes. Milk. Waiiit… Funnel cake! Came with the milk xD So that was yummmmmy!

Also had lunch at one resturant there… it was good. I like onion rings xD and BBQ sause!
And then… oh! So the picture,. right. Kasu always wants to get some sort of keychain to keep as a memory.
And this time it was the log ride again… and.. that’s it! we all look chinky eyed, its funny. I’m not sure what to do with the keychain tho, I don’t want to bulk up my keys >< so who knows… it’s cool though xD

Then I got some boba afterwards…, which is why im home late.. again. But boba!
So Cake and boba today.. It was good ^-^