Archive | April 4, 2010

Grumpy Easter Bunny


Can you say… Happy Easter?

Happy Easter from Hunny bunny the Easter bunny!
Okay… he’s not a very happy bunny today.
I wonder why xD
I seen him get patted, petted, and rubbed all over~
But he’s okay xD I’m always scared that today is the day someone decided to pick him up and take him away T.T
Actually! He doesn’t like strangers so much. I’ve seen him completely ignore people that come up to our house and other times he runs to them.
guess it depends on if they ever bring food xD

Anyhow it is Easter. I went to church last night. It lasted till 12:20… yes I’m talking about midnight.

But it’s nice that I got today to myself ^-^
I finished the hw I had to absolutely do this morning.. till like 3. I woke up 9:45 ish. Read till 11:30! Yea I read better in bed… go figure.
Then did cosplay work. Finished white Miku’s base top. Well almost.. I’m working on it right now but I’m not sure if I want to continue. Or just go on with alice… meh. You know I need some of those breaks too. And for winging it… I think I did alright~

oh! Gotta go buy some Peeps soon. You know those after Easter sales~ Love those little marshmellows~

And… that’s about it for now. I may just continue sewing while I have the chance to.

Next year I’ll be sure to trow eggs around the yard for Hunny bunny. I wanted to put a cute ribbon on him but… I know he’d hate it >.<
Yesh next year! He might be a bit more lazier and not care xD He’s been rebelling against me lately… you know those teenage bunnies.
Yea… I gave him the corner. xDDD