Oh its not a Coach.


My Bag… and the Braclet I bought because… I couldn’t find any cute shoes .. and the 2nd item would be 50% off so I just got this.
It’s cute though!! ^^
I’ve always wanted more braclets.. heck I want more jewlery in general.. as long as its cute ^^.. duh~

This bag, though its not a Coach or Prada,  I love it xD
Holds everything perfectly. Isn’t bulky. Pretty small. Black xD And matches everything~
Plus.. under $20 xD Yea thats my limit for a bag… cheap? meh. it only lasts me less than a year anyways!
Well hopefully this one longer. No more little plastic baggies that’ll rip or whatever. Now I’m purely going plastic.
Not very enviromentally friendly huh? I know >.<

Now lets see..
Oh today! Woke up late -.- got to school on time but I had to make eggs or lunch and.. that kinda sucked. So obviously not filling.
That created a chain of hunger as I was about to ditch Art just for food.
But I didn’t.
Then got some.. Mango Tea? xD It was okay.. Peach Tea is better. Kinda got us sick.. so the Subway afterwards was really hard to get down.
No more tea like that for awhile.. I’ll stick with.. TARO ^-^

Or just royal milk tea~

Thinking of going to visit my regular boba shop on Weds… I miss it <3

OH!! oh oh oh! xD I got some choco today~ Oh I thank thee who hast givinth ith toth meh. … you get it x3


2 thoughts on “Oh its not a Coach.

  1. Your bag is nice though! Useful indeed, No more crumbs in it though! xD Sounds like a rough day at school, especially that food part. But at least you ate after? And choco, truly, that’s win xD

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