Archive | April 29, 2010

Who wants a cracker? Poly!


Since I got a new bag and didn’t want crumbs in it I decided to put all the crackers and food I usually eat into this pastic contanier~
It actually comes in handy! I likes it ^^

But actually! The crackers inside is what matters xD
I didn’t know why they were so good.. but I let someone try it and they said it tasted like… ice cream cone! Like the waffle kinda~

I’m so addicted to the crackers… ahh.. finished them all today though.. hopefully I can get more on the weekend ^-^
Or actually get ice cream in the cone! lol

Anyhow today? I did some Alice work . Just cutted up the fabric for the apron.. most of it at least. The base!
And I also watched the maury show today.. it was pretty funny to me >.<
I mean really.. once a guy/girl cheats on you once.. or actually more than once and denies it! Then admits it cause the lie detector proved it. thennn… you should not go back together xD Cause wala! It happens again xD

And cheating just means you wern’t good enough and someone got bored/really mad. soo… hey think of it as a new start.

And then I started to study for calc but.. meh. Sims 3 distracted me!
But it wasn’t as fun xD 10+ kids for my guy and finally decided to settle down.. then it got boring xD married life.. such a bore xD lol! okay maybe not. depends on the person!

Sooo I’m going back to studying for calc soon.. ish. kinda…maybe? xD

Cause tomorrow! I am.. going home early -.- cause Gee is soooooooooooo busy.


its okay ^-^ xD