Archive | April 25, 2010

swirlie dotted french nails?


Poka dots.
French tip?!

I seriously couldn’t decide xD Sooo.. I tried to put it all into one!
This is was the results xD Kinda… cute?
It’s like a french tip gone bad xD With splatter dots~

But hey it only took.. meh I’m not sure. I was talking while doing so.. and on the phone o.o;;
Which thanks Kasuki for the wake up call -.- That sooo sucked. it was like 10 when I woke up!

Then again my dad did tell me to sleep last night at 10:30.

Crazy? Yes I know. I guess I was feeling rebellious and slept at 1 instead xD
I cant’ help it. it’s just my sleeping habits.
Not like I’m getting a lack of sleep anyways… my regular 10 hours suit me just fine~

Oh! I bought stuff today~ I’ve been meaning to.. and I was at the mall picking up my sister anyways, so I got my bag and braclet. But I’ll get pics up.. later today or tomorrow.. probably tomorrow xD

I’m happy though~ It’s been a productive day I think… Just time to figure out if I did have homework or not… about 3 weeks left of school and I think I can chill out for now. Think. so. maybe? T.T I want buns…