What happens to a Wednes…


Thought it was time for a cutsey pic~ Just… because I have it and haven’t used it yet xD

So! Today… hum… I… ditched Wushu to take a nap.
Ate a yummy lunch.
So sweet >.< But very good~
Thank you ^3^

annnnd~ I got a B on my Princess Frog paper.. just.. a …B.
And I took my hybrid paper for my peers to read and they didn’t help me at all xD Like all they said was that it was really good soo… I’m just gonna have to think why the prof didn’t give me an A on that paper! Cause that paper gave me a… B- … -.-;;

Went to my boba place today.. It was kinda empty xD that’s what happens when I go on a .. Wedesday xD

Also went to Toys r us! That was… pretty funny xD

And Gee killed my laptop -.-

oh gee.

Got my bro’s tablet to work on my lappy! I’m so happy ^^ Cause not like he uses it at all…
He never does -.-
Mainly for Draw My Thing on OMGpop! …
OMGSH! I should play that now x3

Watch me pown!


2 thoughts on “What happens to a Wednes…

  1. Sounds like an enjoyable day actually lol. I’m glad you’re having fun~ And yes, you show them people who’s boss.

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