Archive | April 13, 2010

oh makeup xD


So lately I’ve fallen for Sephora…
Sephora makeup!! Yea ><
I already spent… $50 there? T.T

Yea.. today. I spent running errands.. omgsh I almost ran out of gas in my car completely -.-
Then I also TRIED to do hw.
My sis put on Julie & Julia. or whatever it is.
The cooking movie!
Yea… Boring!
She fell asleep -.-

I can’t believe I watched it all..

Then my brother played “24” the tv series. Pretty intense.. too bad I’m STILL working on my hw.

Can’t believe it -.-

Now..? It’s midnight and I’m still working on it. I will definately need coffee tomorrow. Sorry for the later posts at night, it’s been rough ><