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A year old cake


Cake. Yes. Cake!
From JJs bakery~ They have the best I swear x3

So from left to right is my Afternoon Milk tea (yummy!), Mont Blanc (Sp?), Green tea mousse (wow), and Q~ (apple juice~)
This is the mont blanc~

OKay maybe this isnt the most appetizing pic xD but it was a really good cake..
Like the top was heavenly with the bottom. And the whipped cream in the middle with it all is just.. -drools-
I loved it. I could eat a whole cake of it! A subtle choco taste. And all together is just… so much flavors that are hiding.
Would recommend anyone to eat this ^^

Omgsh this was the Green Tea Mousse.
Looks cute huh?

It was really yummy.. and I really liked it because it was white chocolete and green tea.
White chocolete on the outside~ And the creamy green tea mousse on the inside! With apparently red bean and bread-like stuff on the bottom.
Oh and that orange looking thing on top? VERY sour. Your suppose to eat the outside with it too! xP
Lots os flavors in this… first was sweet.. then bittersweet. Then I tasted the green tea part. and then it went… slightly bitter aftertaste.
The white choco made it really sweet, very good with the inside.
I think this dessert was meant to be eaten… together. Cause 2 people couldn’t finish this easily xD

So! Eat this with someone else xD Its small.. but its yummy stilll. Makes you think. xD

And so that’s my cake post x3
Thanks for the cake! ^^

I’m finally a year older -.-


Like I said… crepes!


Sorry my last post was so.. so.. lame. My bad.
I was just taking care of some drama that look me a couple …hours.
But its all good~

So! Yesterday school was good. I got laughs in the morning. Finally went to Genki Living for this oh so fab crepe.
Also had some new Viet food, who would’ve known right?
I also learned my viet is terrible… lol xD
I soo have to take the class.. likely.

Anyhow! That was a good point of my day for me. I think thaaat… food coma is bad.
but is sooo good the next day. xD
Like I woke up this morning feeling so fresh~
Kinda sore from wushu but whatever.

Did you know lights are pretty at night? Yea… just saying!

Now today will probably post overload day. Gotta catch up!