Scared bun bun


So yesterday while I was at school apparently my family has gotten into a feud with the neighbors that arn’t really next to me. Like across the street and down some houses. Good thing they arn’t next to us too -.-

And so they keep letting their dogs out and then they automatically run to our yard cause of Hunny Bunny.
Poor hunny bunny right? Yea he’s scared now and siting on top of the headboard where we can always see him as well as he’s up pretty high.
I think he’s traumtized. o.o;;

So lately he’s been up there, very convienant for me. Though he’s been getting.. needy. Kept pawing at the cherrios box! -.-;;
So cute! T.T

Man today is such a chill day for me. Went to get my sis from school early. I think she got my sickness from last night xD I only had a tummy ache and it went away just fine~ But then my sis had her.. eye hurting and she threw up on the school ^^ I’ve never been so proud of her… *tears*
I hated middle school, thats why xD

Such a loner .. -.-

Well I still haven’t gotten my first badge in pokemon. Imma try a new party xD ONLY cute pokemon x3 hehe~


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