Archive | December 8, 2010

Snuggle bunny


Cuddleee =3 Snuggle? Sniff… xD

Today was a clingy day. Ever had one of those? Just kinda… wanna cling onto someone xD It was weird … =.= But hey, its hard to be clingy to a bunny that always runs away from you!! Runs. Comes back. Runs. Asks for food. I swear.. guys only comes to girls for food… >.> And yo know its true. “Make me a sammich!! … no? I <3 you~ /stuffs face”

My mommy had to ask personal questions today. I hope I was ble to throw her offf xD It sucks for  parent to figure out stuff when you don’t want them to like that >.<

Got a lot done today toooooo. Cosplay stuff. Tomoyo is one step closer to being completely planned out. Also… someone had some fun with clay~ =3 Annnnd… A bit more but. Oh well!! New pictures up tomorrowww~ Gonna stay home and study tomorrow ^^ Gonna go ‘sleep’ now. Probably with fabric. Scissors. And what not xD

Im so.. out of it right now =.=