Archive | December 6, 2010

Icing it down


xDDD So the video was being mean.. and that’s a picture of the video instead!!! XDD
Me to the left sliding in a DRESS … that was.. breezy? xD And I have my glasses on, I don’t know why. Just changing things up you know?

Anyhow today was.. interesting. An friend from first semester came and hung out with us. It was… interesting!! He changed o.o He was so mellow and chill before. But now it’s all parties for him and what not. At least he doesn’t drink, good job =3
Though it was weird when me, Hea, and Gee were talking to him there was a couple just… cuddling behind us? Seems like they are just in thier own bubble, I mean I don’t mind and all, as long as they are doing it out of thier choice and not cause they think we’re excluding them xD

Other than that. skipped a class. Fell asleep in a class. Mmm… slept. Slept. Studied. Boba. oh wait…

Apple. Apple. Boba. Pancake! Cocaaaaa~?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. xD

Alrighty. I’m off to study my butt off!! >.> Naw.
And eww.. did you know air dry clay can mold? I mean I know the clay inside was moist and all.. but for the longest time I had it.. it never did anything!! So today I gave it to Gee annnnnd… yea. Chocolate and chocolate chips xDD Yu..m…=.= gross.