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out of the woods?


Part 2 of my weekend trip~ We stayed at a little cabin that literally had a sign that said “welcome to our little cabin in the woods” which.. not really in the woods but felt like it enough I guess xD I did like the one we stayed at last year more but hey, can’t complain xD Though we did complain a bit about no wifi >.>

It was nice because we always end up just making food whenever we take trips like this. This time we made personal flat bread pizzas with tomato soup and garlic cheese balls! :D Yea. It was amazing <3 I mainly pranced around and took pictures/videos while Gee did most of the baking >.> But he’s the baker~ And I don’t mind =3 It was quite nice being able to watch him though xD Not to sound creepy at all… >.>;;

Let’s see.. we played board games and had lots of snacks. We always overpack on food >.> But we’re getting better with not packing TOO much. Last time we had so much it was prob enough to feed us for another 3 days LOL. granted we probably could’ve eaten for another day with the amount of food we had this time… Also watched part of Lord of the Rings – Return of the King extended edition. I think everyone fell asleep through it at one point and then woke up and kept watching XDDD

I ended up waking up at like 8 and freaking out that it was later o.o I forget that I wake up early in unknown places.. and if theres a lot of light xD


The trip back was quite nice. The winds died down so we ride home was quick. We stopped by at Starbucks for coffee though :D Ended up getting a mocha frap that just tasted like chocolate… which was sad. Actually.. we took a walk when we got back with the doggies. I got to walk Ruby =3 SHES SO ADORABLE. Wait… why didn’t I get pictures?! wtf =.= What is wrong with me?! Argh. OH well. Next time!

Anyways. Good trip! I can’t wait to go next time~ Got a bit in trouble with going by my family but oh well.


A cabin stay~

 photo 20140216_110250_zps4dec8f67.jpg

Cabin stay :D Definately a different experience than a hotel room… I loved it cause it gave me a “log cabin” feel. It also didn’t help that the town was so small and not very updated… wait. It DID help xD Haha. Really felt like camping to me xP Ah… I’m such a spoiled girl… I love my amenities … soap… etc etc xDD

But I do have to admit I was kinda… ehhhh feeling because there was this sight in sight of the cabin…

 photo 20140216_111134_zps94f251a3.jpg

It’s a mint colored bus with a hole in the back window >.> Just parked around a residential area… which I thought was.. really really odd. It was a really cozy space though! A nice kitchen, living area… the beds were okay too! Pretty creeky though o.o The couch was really comfy though =3

It was really relaxing to be able to go collapse onto a bed after snowboarding though. We definitely want to do this again even if we have to pay for the cabin stay xD It’s so much fun even if it’s just for a night… the place we got had a great sound system and tv options too! So we were watching youtube vids like crazy and listening to pandora while playing cards/muchkins~

If you can’t tell I’m still kinda giddy from the trip.. I really needed it and I miss it so much already T.T It doesn’t help that the soreness just reminds me of it xD I guess that’s good? lol! my arms are majorly sore… I can’t believe I was able to pull myself up so much still….

Until the next season…. bye snow :[


Museum LA trip!

 photo DSC_1081_zps8c18c9dc.jpg

I uhhh… went on a date today o.o Like a legit date! That’s… that’s kinda nerve wreaking to me even though I’ve been with this dude for so long =.= Do you know how crazy that is?! I guess that’s what happens when you throw me out of my comfort zone and into the smog! And I guess it just shows me that I still get nervous i’ll do something stupid =.=

Anyways! We went to LACMA today! Which is the acronym for Los Angeles County Museum of Arts! And it’s quite something cause…. he’s had this planned for awhile and he actually came to my house to pick me up and drop me off =3 It was cute ^^ <3

So we ended up eating a sushi truck (which wasn’t that great ) and then went to walk through the museum! Which… okay was kinda odd at first but it got really fun with some coffee boost up and some lovely jokes =3 I mean… you just can’t NOT have fun at a museum, it was fun =3

But at the same time we couldn’t go to 3 exhibits cause 2 of them you have to pay more for and one was closed for renovations… soooo… what would’ve been an all day thing turned into half day! Above is a picture of the lights that’s basically the grand entrance for the museum! We took some pictures in the day time but it was is prettier at night~ But since we had a good half day left to do .. anything. It was only natural for Gee to suggest a mini photoshoot! Which honestly we do EVERYWHERE and it’s fun just cause it lets me practice poses and with the perk of being in a new place =3

 photo DSC_1016_zps73f10fab.jpg

Gee liked this picture which I find funny (for some odd reason) but I decided to share it anyways. At this point I’m so used to him snapping pictures… so I guess that’s good. Since I’ve always been kinda nervous in front of a camera xD And after awhile I start to do some silly stuff hence….

 photo DSC_1058_zps5e89b34c.jpg

Hehehe =3 Don’t be so vulgar! Gosh… trying to save your eyes here! xP This sculptor seriously had such manly abs and a butt… I’ll just leave it at that. …………… and now that I look at the picture it totally looks like my hand is on his butt …lol! ITS NOT. I MEAN IT! =.=

Anyways! With some AWESOME LA food which included teas, coffees, and a place called Komodo…. the day was super fun =3 We also went to Beverly Center which included a 7 story mall…. and paid-for parking inside, It was quite different but also quite the sight to explore!

I loved it~ These trips don’t come along very often so I’m savoring it xDDD


ooo shiny… trip!


I”M BACK~!!! =3

I had an AWESOME trip with some very awesome people: Gee, Hea, Bry
I’ll do this post with pictures because it’s really … a lot of stuff to write about. Better to show some right~?

So the above picture is awesome just because we were sitting at slots but… we were just waiting for someone to ge tout of the bathroom. btw, hotel bathrooms amaze me when they are so.. so.. nice!!! Like… comon… how cool is it when things are gold that arn’t normally! Okay.. maybe its just me… xD


On our first official day out we figured out our hotel was connected to Paris so I made GEe take a picture. But there was a challenge in it because I wanted the words at the bottom but I wanted the tip of the tower. Go figure he does it beautifully =.= Yea… I’m kinda jealous. lol! We roamed around a lot and it was fun because…. I think we just got drinks whenever we felt like it! Like…. comon.. it’s Vegas. It’s such a foreign concept to me but it’s one that makes sense because of the atmosphere… anyways…


That led to cocktails eventually…. which some might think that for a birthday thing… getting a cocktail is weird. Nope. We LOVED it. Expensive stuff!! Very fancy ~ I believe all four of us agreed that this was one of the best parts of the trip~ Sounds weird doesn’t it? It just… was so .. fun!! It’s all about the people you are with, cause let’s face it… having a cocktail by yourself is boring xP


An odd picture but… our group <3 I love it. We were on one of those moving platform thingys. It was hilarious cause Bry liked walking at “warp speed” on it and then walking back. We had such a blast on that just because he was strutting his stuff =3

We ended up dancing part of the night and freaking out about my phone and why it was being dumb -.- Then we played games in the hotel room~! Yea.. I’m only giving a very vague feeling of it because.. well I don’t know if I should really reveal it all. Granted, all of it is pretty.. good. Like… nothing crazy!

Anyways… it really was a trip to remember. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel as though I was missing out. I say that because I actually waited till I was 21 to drink while alot of other people didn’t. I’m glad I did, I had fun with it but didn’t go overboard~ ^^ NExt time though… I really do want to try gambling more xD


…stays in Vegas

Spent most of today shopping last minute and PACKING~!

Why packing? Well my long awaited road trip has come ^^ For Gee’s birthday of course <3 Really he’s just a excuse to finally go xP But nonetheless… it’s a great excuse!

So Tomorrow I’ll be driving over to Las Vegas where I’ll hopefully be all grand and dandy and will come back in one piece with no tan or any other… extra stuff. If anything.. I’ll probably lose money. Lots of it.

So the next few days my posts will be from my phone if I get a chance! I’ll most likely be lots of pictures with short sentences…. hopefully… I mean comon.. it IS Vegas. Whatever happens in vegas stays in Vegas right? Well… if I blog from Vegas it counts no? xD <3