Archive | December 26, 2010

LBP Cute style~


As promised to my vow that I will relax the first week of break.. I started to play the highly rated game Little Big Planet!

I have to is incredibly fun =3 So here’s my awesome pink character!!! Above =3
My sister says she looks like a show girl xD But I tried to make her look kinda awesome by putting bat wings and a werewolf tail on her >.> Talk about the irony xD (vampire.. werewolf? har har)
And she’s holding a frying pan!! I just love the hair~~ It’s pink! Behind her is my sister’s character~ … She changed it to something with arms and puppets o.o I should take another picture =D

Aside from Little Big Planet. I played about 3 hours of Maplestory today! Got to lvl 51 >.> Don’t ask. 2xp. xD

Also I played a few hours of Modern Warefare… 2? Whatever the new one is from PS3. That was really fun. I OWN at sniping =3
Alrighty. Done =D
Time for some work tomorrow!