Archive | December 13, 2010

Junk in my trunk =P


This is what my trunk looks like right now… Well actually.. more like when I go to school xD
It consists of spare shoes (aka heels that day) bag 1. Bag 2. Bag 3!!! Food. Books. Folders.
When I go out of the house, I’m bringing about 4 bags with me. Regular bag. Laptop bag. Book bag. Gym bag. xD
Then theres… so much more =.=

So today was really nice. I went to school after my sister and took my time and all~ Sat around and studied. Got like B-ish on my Phil final… its decent for not studying xD Then I ate a nice ceasar chicken salad wrap!! Ohhh… that was YUMMY. Another thing from togos I really like. And then… Plants vs. Zombies >.> Don’t ask.

Went to Boarders/Star bucks afterwards to study!! And I’m surprised. ACTUALLY studied. I realized during that time I work best studying alone..okay not ALONE ALONE. I like having someone there to like.. revlieve stress and make it more fun =3 But I do best understanding it alone and all xD I had a Peppermint mocha frap.. mmm… yumness there.

Gee bought origami paper today… I can’t believe how much more asian he can get! But hey, he’s actually pretty good at it. He’s good with his hands? … Clean thoughts. Please. CRAFTS! Okay.. I’m done.

Mmm coffee mid day~